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Older Age Groups Are Putting Trust in the Sharing Economy

We’re used to reading or hearing stories about how Millennials – those in their twenties and early thirties – are driving the sharing economy. The conventional wisdom is that this demographic is more willing to rent or share from one Read More


How To Ensure The Quality of Crowdsourced Services

Trust is the cornerstone of the collaborative economy. Without the ability of consumers to believe they can trust one another and act on that trust, peer-to-peer marketplaces like Uber, Airbnb, and Mila couldn’t exist. But what we’ve learned is that Read More

Trust Us: The Sharing Economy is Here to Stay, Rachel Botsman Interview on BBC World Service

Last Sunday, Rachel Botsman was interviewed on BBC World Service’s Global Business Program about the sharing economy. Anyone who follows the space knows Botsman as its leading “guru”, or what she now prefers to call the collaborative economy, despite having coined the “sharing economy” term. Read More

How Brands Can Benefit in the Sharing Economy: Havas Worldwide’s Prosumer Study

The free-wheeling, debt-inducing “shop til you drop” mentality of consumerism is out. Instead consumers are become more considered in how they spend and consume, “shopping smarter,” and rejecting the idea that they need to amass more things to be happy, Read More

The Sharing Economy: Finding Trust And Value in Human Interaction

Can the mechanisms of the sharing economy really create and build more trust between people? This week at Wired, author Jason Tanz tackled the subject, giving his article the provocative title, “How Airbnb and Lyft Finally Got Americans to Trust Each Other.” Read More