Swisscom Survey Shows: Customers Love Crowd Service

On the basis of a survey conducted by Swiss telecom provider Swisscom, Mila has released an infographic that uncovers interesting average customer profiles and shows how customers are using the crowd service platform. To better understand how customers are using Read More


On-Demand Service: An Interview with the New CEO of Mila

  With Swisscom’s investment in crowd customer service startup Mila, founder and former Mila CEO Manuel Grenacher will transfer his responsibilities to Christian Viatte. Previously Head of Service Experience and Innovation at Swisscom, Viatte (40) will immediately take over operations Read More


On-Demand Service: Swisscom Purchases Majority Stake in Mila

For two years, Swiss ICT provider Swisscom has offered its customers additional, flexible and fast on-site customer support with “Swisscom Friends.” Today, Swisscom is announcing that it has purchased a majority stake in startup Mila. Swisscom is using this investment Read More

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Telcos With Innovative Customer Service

Take note. Innovative customer service is not just about making your business more prosperous, it’s about making customers’ lives easier. The old customer service style of depending solely on call centers and in-person appointments is rapidly fading, as multi-channel customer Read More

Swisscom Friends helfen bei Technikfragen

Older Age Groups Are Putting Trust in the Sharing Economy

We’re used to reading or hearing stories about how Millennials – those in their twenties and early thirties – are driving the sharing economy. The conventional wisdom is that this demographic is more willing to rent or share from one Read More

Start-up Mila receives two awards for crowd service marketplaces

Was für eine Woche! Da waren wir gleich für zwei Startup Awards nominiert: den eco Internet Award 2015 in der Kategorie “Internet Startup” und den Golden Idea Award von Idée Suisse. Mit nach Hause nehmen konnten wir letzteren. Bei der eco Gala mussten wir der Parkplatz-App Ampido allerdings den ersten Platz überlassen.

FT Sharing Economy Summit: The Unstoppable Sharing Economy

Last week, Mila attended the Financial Times’ inaugural Sharing Economy Summit along with Thomas Staudte, Project Manager of Service Experience and Innovation at Swisscom, our partner, and incidentally, Switzerland’s largest telecoms provider. Thomas had been invited to speak on the Read More

Crowdsourcing Customer Happiness: the Future of Customer Support

We’re on a bit of a roll here at Mila. In the last 12 months, we’ve been pursuing a strategy of taking the collaborative economy to large companies. On Monday we launched our third partnership in the past year – Read More

Sharing Economy News: About Insurance Industry Opportunity and Crowdsourcing Customer Support

Question of Necessity of Insurance for Growing Sharing Economy As the sharing economy continues to evolve, it’s clear that certain protections are needed for all players, both to build trust in fledgling marketplaces and to compensate should something go wrong. Read More