Virtual assistant: what are the advantages and which one should you choose

According to estimates, the number of AI enabled device users will reach 1.8 billion by the year 2021, and the market of virtual digital assistants will grow to $15.59 billion in 2021.  A survey also finds that most consumers use Read More

ARHUB: reliable protection and absolute comfort

To celebrate our new partnership with ARHUB, we are offering the first 10 service installations with Mila for FREE! By purchasing your new ARHUB alarm system via you will receive our Mila service installation for free! ARHUB – Swiss Read More

Smart Home: The Advantages It Brings And Some Of The Must-Haves To Start With

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Google Home – what are the advantages and why do you need it?

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Ring Doorbell: how does it work, and is it worth it?

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Netatmo: an independent player smartening up in the smart home ecosystem.

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Smart City: what advantages does a smart city offer?

A smart city is defined as an urban area that uses different types of electronic IoT sensors to collect data and then uses insights gained from that data to manage assets, resources, and services efficiently.  While the science-fiction version of a truly interconnected smart city Read More