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How to Make Use of the Gig Economy while Avoiding Worker Misclassification

At Mila, we spend a lot of time talking about the advantages of the gig economy. And operating in this new space can certainly have its advantages—lower overhead and quicker response times are chief among them—but it’s not all roses Read More

Interview: Switzerland’s 17 Year-Old Car Sharing Service Mobility Rides High on the Sharing Economy

 “If Mobility did not exist, 22% of our customer households and 50% of business customers would today have an additional vehicle. This amounts to 23,000 cars.” Long before the term “sharing economy” was ever coined, and long before the rise Read More

Sharing Economy Business News Roundup

Airbnb’s $2Million Marketing Campaign, Business Travellers Tired of Hotels;  DHL Crowdsources Deliveries; Fiat and Eni Launch Car-Sharing in Milan; and Uber’s Surge Pricing “Scandal” This week, the sharing economy news showed once again how the sector is growing increasingly more Read More

Sharing Economy Business News Roundup: From Copycats to the Purest Vision

Welcome to the first post of the “Sharing Economy Business News Roundup”, that will keep an eye out on interesting articles discussing the business of the sharing economy and collaborative consumption. We’ll be curating the best links we find with a Read More