Gig Economy Poll Reveals Surprising Insights

Sharing economy, gig economy, on-demand economy: no matter what you want to call it, crowdsourcing and sharing are here to stay. Time Magazine conducted a poll to determine the size and makeup of this new economy, and discovered some interesting Read More

Share Economy Infographic

Fifty Shades of the Sharing Economy

Everyone has needs, but what if you could get by without buying all of the things you need from traditional businesses? You get your furniture for free second-hand from Craigslist, borrow power tools to hang curtains from a neighbor, order Read More

Sharing Economy Companies Take A Bite Out of Established Businesses – Or Do They?

How will sharing economy companies impact established businesses? This week, we turn to the question of who wins and who loses as collaborative consumption companies gain ground. Impact of Airbnb rentals on the hotel industry In a newly released report, Read More

Interview: Switzerland’s 17 Year-Old Car Sharing Service Mobility Rides High on the Sharing Economy

 “If Mobility did not exist, 22% of our customer households and 50% of business customers would today have an additional vehicle. This amounts to 23,000 cars.” Long before the term “sharing economy” was ever coined, and long before the rise Read More

Sharing Economy News: About Insurance Industry Opportunity and Crowdsourcing Customer Support

Question of Necessity of Insurance for Growing Sharing Economy As the sharing economy continues to evolve, it’s clear that certain protections are needed for all players, both to build trust in fledgling marketplaces and to compensate should something go wrong. Read More