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How to Make Use of the Gig Economy while Avoiding Worker Misclassification

At Mila, we spend a lot of time talking about the advantages of the gig economy. And operating in this new space can certainly have its advantages—lower overhead and quicker response times are chief among them—but it’s not all roses Read More

Crowd Outsourcing

Why Crowdsourcing Customer Service Is Not Outsourcing

The Internet has evolved into a communication tool that has wildly changed a lot of things, including customer service. There was once a time when chat rooms were the “in” thing. Then came message boards. Then came online forums. On Read More

Robot and Computer

Why Robots Won’t Take Over the On-Demand Economy

You’ve heard it before: there’s a looming threat of robots taking over everyone’s jobs. And now, a writer on TechCrunch suggests that robots will take over the on-demand workplace since it has grown exponentially and gained billions of dollars in Read More


Gig Economy Poll Reveals Surprising Insights

Sharing economy, gig economy, on-demand economy: no matter what you want to call it, crowdsourcing and sharing are here to stay. Time Magazine conducted a poll to determine the size and makeup of this new economy, and discovered some interesting Read More

Share Economy Infographic

Fifty Shades of the Sharing Economy

Everyone has needs, but what if you could get by without buying all of the things you need from traditional businesses? You get your furniture for free second-hand from Craigslist, borrow power tools to hang curtains from a neighbor, order Read More