Men tries to handle his Computer

Today’s Most Common Tech Faux Pas

These days, everyone seems to know something about technology. Smartphones are the norm and have been around for quite a while now, so most other smart devices have been designed to function similarly – with simple layouts, clear fonts, and boldly colored Read More

Crime Scene Tape

Three Things Solving Crimes and Predictive Customer Support Have in Common

If you think about it, there are many similarities between crime occurrences and support incidences. You might feel like this is a strange comparison, but from a data perspective, they’re not so different. Both occur at a certain time and Read More

Holiday Tree Ornament Lights

How To Provide Great Customer Service During the Holidays

I remember distinctly one year where my mother received a new Macbook for Christmas. While she was excited to have a new computer, she couldn’t figure out the best way to transfer files from her old PC to her new Read More

What You Need to Know About Telecom Customer Experience

If your business is looking for a competitive advantage, customer experience and customer loyalty will give you it. Customer loyalty drives growth and profitability. According to the Customer 2020 report, in the coming years, customer experience will only continue to Read More

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Telcos With Innovative Customer Service

Take note. Innovative customer service is not just about making your business more prosperous, it’s about making customers’ lives easier. The old customer service style of depending solely on call centers and in-person appointments is rapidly fading, as multi-channel customer Read More

Girl Crying Rain

These Customer Service Stories Will Make You Cry

Beyond answering questions about product or services, providing customer service and creating a great customer experience often means connecting to customers on a human level. Customer service representatives who solved customer problems from a place of compassion are what make Read More

Laughing Woman Funny Customer Service Stories

These Funny Customer Service Stories Will Make You Laugh

Customer service representatives are on the frontlines of a brand’s interactions with customers. Often times they have the power to make or break a customer’s relationship with a business, inspiring either customer loyalty or customer frustration. The best customer service reps Read More