Laughing Woman Funny Customer Service Stories

These Funny Customer Service Stories Will Make You Laugh

Customer service representatives are on the frontlines of a brand’s interactions with customers. Often times they have the power to make or break a customer’s relationship with a business, inspiring either customer loyalty or customer frustration. The best customer service reps Read More

Manuel Grenacher & Thomas Staudte at Crowdsourcing Week Geneva 2015

Crowdsourcing Week Geneva with Mila and Swisscom Friends

Crowd Sourcing Week took place this week in Geneva, Switzerland and Mila CEO Manuel Grenacher took the stage on Tuesday to talk about crowdsourced customer service along with Thomas Staudte, Project Manager of Swisscom Friends, from our partner Swisscom. During Read More


How to Convince Your Colleagues to Crowdsource Customer Service

In the second season of “Mad Men,” Harry Crane, a forward-thinking mid-level advertising executive, suggests to the head of the agency that they should have a television department. To Harry, TV media was the future of advertising. And you know Read More

Crowdsourcing Customer Happiness: the Future of Customer Support

We’re on a bit of a roll here at Mila. In the last 12 months, we’ve been pursuing a strategy of taking the collaborative economy to large companies. On Monday we launched our third partnership in the past year – Read More

Introducing IWB Friends: Sharing Knowledge is Power

On Monday, Switzerland’s renewable energy provider IWB embarked on a new initiative to raise energy efficiency awareness in the home. In partnership with Mila, IWB launched “IWB Friends,” an online marketplace where IWB customers can find neighbourhood energy experts who Read More