Men tries to handle his Computer

Today’s Most Common Tech Faux Pas

These days, everyone seems to know something about technology. Smartphones are the norm and have been around for quite a while now, so most other smart devices have been designed to function similarly – with simple layouts, clear fonts, and boldly colored Read More

Man is happy about customer service

Why Customer Satisfaction is So Important

We’re all familiar with the old adage, “The customer is always right.” Customers may not always be right, of course, but their satisfaction is always of the greatest importance. In that sense, the adage remains true. In fact, it is Read More

Women are improving service for consumer

The Gap Between Consumption and Service and Why People Will No Longer Tolerate It

Click. Tap. Push. Voila! What you wanted is only minutes away, be it a pizza, an Uber, or to enter your home with the heat already on, lights already glowing, and music already playing. From the way you bought your Read More


The Best Way to Provide Service to a Difficult Customer

No matter the industry, every business encounters difficult customers. Maybe they are upset because they’ve been let down by product performance, long wait times, or a customer just has a cranky personality in general. Service crowd members and anyone else Read More

customized customer experience

How to Create a Customized Experience For Each Customer

If you thought that one-size-fits-all service would suit modern-day customers needs, you would be mistaken. If there’s one thing all businesses want, it’s to stand out from their competitors so customers seek out their services or offerings first. Aside from Read More