New Cooperation Samsung

Samsung Friends makes it easier to switch to the new Galaxy S8 and S8+

Samsung and the Mila platform offer neighborly service at the touch of a button Zurich, 14. June 2017 – Shortly after the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ go on sale, Samsung Switzerland and are introducing a new on-demand Read More

How Retailers Can Enter the Mass Market of Connected Home

As the connected home and the internet of things become more sophisticated, one major barrier is customer adoption. It’s a classic chicken-and-egg problem, the sort of problem regularly faced by revolutionary new technologies, from electric cars (which continue to suffer Read More


The Crowd is an Indispensable Ally in the On-Demand Economy

It’s established wisdom that there is strength in numbers. In the business world, no recent phenomenon has demonstrated this better than the crowd. Although the benefits for customers as well as companies are indisputable, many companies have been hesitant to Read More

Facilitating Human Interactions to Increase Customer Happiness

In today’s increasingly digital world, many of our connections are made and generated online. From crowdsourced service to social media mentions, customer service is also done using a keyboard, rather than face-to-face in-person or talking with an actual human person Read More

Elderly Man Consumer Trend

Consumer Trends of 2016

As consumers’ desires and expectations continue to morph and transform, different trends are shaping up to dominate 2016. We’ve seen companies embrace texting customers on WhatsApp and small retailers upping their customer service offerings to compete with online retail behemoths. Read More

Crowd Outsourcing

Why Crowdsourcing Customer Service Is Not Outsourcing

The Internet has evolved into a communication tool that has wildly changed a lot of things, including customer service. There was once a time when chat rooms were the “in” thing. Then came message boards. Then came online forums. On Read More


Gig Economy Poll Reveals Surprising Insights

Sharing economy, gig economy, on-demand economy: no matter what you want to call it, crowdsourcing and sharing are here to stay. Time Magazine conducted a poll to determine the size and makeup of this new economy, and discovered some interesting Read More