The Crowd is an Indispensable Ally in the On-Demand Economy

It’s established wisdom that there is strength in numbers. In the business world, no recent phenomenon has demonstrated this better than the crowd. Although the benefits for customers as well as companies are indisputable, many companies have been hesitant to Read More

customized customer experience

How to Create a Customized Experience For Each Customer

If you thought that one-size-fits-all service would suit modern-day customers needs, you would be mistaken. If there’s one thing all businesses want, it’s to stand out from their competitors so customers seek out their services or offerings first. Aside from Read More

What’s the Difference Between Multichannel and Omnichannel Service?

  Do you remember the days when the only way you could contact customer support was through the phone? You’d spend minute after minute, maybe even hour after hour, on hold listening to terrible music, and waiting for a human Read More

Crowd Outsourcing

Why Crowdsourcing Customer Service Is Not Outsourcing

The Internet has evolved into a communication tool that has wildly changed a lot of things, including customer service. There was once a time when chat rooms were the “in” thing. Then came message boards. Then came online forums. On Read More

Holiday Tree Ornament Lights

How To Provide Great Customer Service During the Holidays

I remember distinctly one year where my mother received a new Macbook for Christmas. While she was excited to have a new computer, she couldn’t figure out the best way to transfer files from her old PC to her new Read More

Manuel Grenacher Mila CEO

Mila CEO Manuel Grenacher: A Profile

Hi, What’s your background? Were you always interested in customer service and the crowd? Manuel Grenacher, Mila CEO: My background is in computer science, so it was more tech-y than service oriented. My parents run a small company that produces Read More

O2 Arena

How Telecom Providers Can Improve Customer Service Using the Power of Their Customers

When it comes to customer service, telecom companies are frequently ranked as one of the worst providers. A recent UK customer satisfaction survey found that telecoms’ customer service quality has been declining in the past 18 months. If telecom companies Read More