On-Demand Service: Swisscom Purchases Majority Stake in Mila

For two years, Swiss ICT provider Swisscom has offered its customers additional, flexible and fast on-site customer support with “Swisscom Friends.” Today, Swisscom is announcing that it has purchased a majority stake in startup Mila. Swisscom is using this investment Read More

Share Economy Infographic

Fifty Shades of the Sharing Economy

Everyone has needs, but what if you could get by without buying all of the things you need from traditional businesses? You get your furniture for free second-hand from Craigslist, borrow power tools to hang curtains from a neighbor, order Read More

Swisscom wins the Crowd Collaboration Award for crowd customer service

People are using technologies to share their resources, such as automobiles, houses, tools, or even their own labor, with other people. Crowd Companies, an organization under the management of Jeremiah Owyang, has set itself the objective of showing companies how Read More

Manuel Grenacher Mila CEO

Mila CEO Manuel Grenacher: A Profile

Hi, What’s your background? Were you always interested in customer service and the crowd? Manuel Grenacher, Mila CEO: My background is in computer science, so it was more tech-y than service oriented. My parents run a small company that produces Read More

Manuel Grenacher & Thomas Staudte at Crowdsourcing Week Geneva 2015

Crowdsourcing Week Geneva with Mila and Swisscom Friends

Crowd Sourcing Week took place this week in Geneva, Switzerland and Mila CEO Manuel Grenacher took the stage on Tuesday to talk about crowdsourced customer service along with Thomas Staudte, Project Manager of Swisscom Friends, from our partner Swisscom. During Read More

Collaborative Economy For Businesses: PWC’s 7 Tips On How Not to be Disrupted

As consumers embrace the sharing economy, PWC has a stark warning for industries: “the immediate challenge is to avoid being disrupted.” In PWC’s newly released sharing economy report, the consultancy found that 44% of the US was familiar with the Read More