Crowd of people on the street

How Crowd Service Helps Companies Cope with Growing Need for Tech Support

Home is where the smart is. For a growing number of people, home is starting to feel even safer with the advancement of smart-home technology. Nearly every part of the house can now be controlled, put on a schedule, and Read More

Collaborative Economy in Europe - Mila infographic

Collaborative Economy in Europe

The discussion surrounding the collaborative economy is still very US-centered. Examples like Airbnb and Uber are often given to represent the movement. We have created an infographic to show the variety sharing economy companies that are built in Europe. Our selection process Read More

Sharing Economy Companies Take A Bite Out of Established Businesses – Or Do They?

How will sharing economy companies impact established businesses? This week, we turn to the question of who wins and who loses as collaborative consumption companies gain ground. Impact of Airbnb rentals on the hotel industry In a newly released report, Read More

Sharing Economy Business News Roundup

Airbnb’s $2Million Marketing Campaign, Business Travellers Tired of Hotels;  DHL Crowdsources Deliveries; Fiat and Eni Launch Car-Sharing in Milan; and Uber’s Surge Pricing “Scandal” This week, the sharing economy news showed once again how the sector is growing increasingly more Read More

Interview with Mila CEO Manuel Grenacher Mila on “Swisscom Neighborhood” launch

Today, Swisscom, Switzerland’s largest telecommunications company, launched “Swisscom Neighborhood”, its peer-to-peer tech support marketplace where its residential customers can find local, approved support to help solve their tech challenges. Mila, the Swiss-founded mobile and online task marketplace, is powering the Read More

Making money in the shareconomy

Making money from the things you own and the talents you have has never been easier. With widespread Internet access available, and with smartphones in more people’s pockets, people are  tapping into peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces to earn money from their Read More