Christmas Lights – how best to save energy!

We love everything about Christmas – the food, the family, the Christmas market visits, warm spiced wine, carols, shopping, and of course, the family time we spend together. But there is one thing that annoys everyone – the MASSIVE hike Read More

A Must-Have: Apple HomeKit

If you are interested in turning your ordinary home into a smart one which senses your needs and eases your life, then Apple HomeKit definitely deserves a look.  What is Apple HomeKit, and what does it do?  Simply put, Apple Read More

Four Steps to Start your Smart Home Project

Four Steps to Start your Smart Home Project Turing your house into a smart, interconnected home has many benefits – it saves energy, which in turn saves money, provides enhanced security, saves time, AND makes you more comfortable.  But let’s Read More

Use Smart Home Tech To Save Energy And Decrease Your Carbon Footprint

Use Smart Home Tech To Save Energy And Decrease Your Carbon Footprint Waste not, want not – This is the slogan for the present and coming generations. If we’re going to keep our current lifestyles sustainable in the long run, Read More

Why are Smart Home Consultations growing in demand and why you should get this service from Mila.

The digital innovations of the last decade combined with the exploding Internet usage have given birth to entirely new ways of living – and nowhere is this more evident than in the smart home technology. With intelligent, connected, voice-controlled devices, Read More

Bosch 360 Camera Installation

Before you start Please first download the Bosch Smart Cameras App. You need the app to install and configure the 360°-Indoor Camera. Make sure you have installed a connection to the internet as well as Wi-Fi . Please have the Read More

Hive outdoor camera

Hive View Camera Overview It’s a stylish new smart outdoor camera, packed with must-have features like HD live-streaming and person detection. You can Check in whenever you want. Securely livestream day and night to your Hive app in 1080p HD. Read More