A Round-up Of The Best Smart Watches On The Market – And Why You Should Invest In One!

The era of the wearables has begun! The technologies of the last decade have managed to successfully compress our lives into a smartphone. Now they took it a step further and scaled it down to a screen smaller than 2 inches. 

Put simply, a smartwatch –  the term itself is so misleading, because telling time is probably its least used functionality – are a computer and a phone and a health tracker rolled into one tiny package. Everything that you can do on these devices (and more) can be managed from a screen strapped to your arm. 

So why do you need one? 

We use the word invest because smartwatches are on the expensive end of the price spectrum as compared to a phone or a normal watch. But, believe us, they are certainly worth every penny you spend on them. 

Ease of access above all

You don’t even have to take out your phone from your pocket or purse anymore. Just a flick of a wrist is all you need to read notifications or emails, track your fitness, attend phone calls, stay hooked to your social media feeds, and to be entertained!   

Great for your health

Whether you want a fitness tracker that counts your steps or a device that has built-in EKG or fall detection for the seniors in your home, a smartwatch is an easy-to-use and portable device that offers both these features and many more. Other much-loved features are sleep and activity monitoring, pulse, heartbeat and oxygen measurements, and nutrition planning.

Perfect for people on-the-go

If you are the type who misses phone calls because you don’t have a free hand to pull out your phone, then a smartwatch will fit perfectly into your hectic life. From a mum juggling kids and work at home to a trucker driving long distances – a glance at the wrist will keep you connected and on top of your schedule. 

So, now that we have nudged you towards seriously considering a smartwatch purchase, we give you our list of the top 3 in the market currently.


Apple Watch Series 5

Anyways you look at it, Apple rules the smartwatch segment! 


  • impressive fitness tracking and in-built health features
  • the best all-in-one smartwatch that marries watch, phone, fitness and health perfectly
  • a broad ecosystem of third-party apps via the app store
  • Looks great


  • Expensive
  • Only works with an iPhone
  • Battery life could be better


Fitbit Versa 2

A fitness-focused smartwatch, this device is much more affordable than an Apple one. 


  • 24×7 activity tracking
  • Works with both Android and iOS
  • Long battery life
  • Excellent sleep monitoring feature
  • Top-notch fitness tracking metrics


  • No built-in GPS
  • Lack of third party apps


Samsung Galaxy Active 2

The biggest rival to Apple smartwatches, this is the only serious option for people who don’t exist in the Apple ecosystem. 


  • Works with both Android and iOS
  • Excellent activity and sleep monitoring features
  • Fitness feature has a heart rate monitor, built-in GPS and a run coach 


  • No EKG or other finer heart-related features 
  • Battery life 

A few years ago we would have advised you to wait and watch, but now the technology has passed its nascent phase and is well worth spending on. It is not just a fad or a luxury but brings real value to everyday lives. It is not the question of if but when; just like the smartphone, the smartwatch technology is headed towards becoming the next ubiquitous device in human lives.  

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