Sonos Speaker: Great sound wherever you are

Sonos is THE home sound system with which you can listen to music, films and TV in perfect sound – in as many rooms as you like. All speakers stream over WiFi. And play every song in the world – everything you want. Experience intense, captivating sound.  Start a podcast in the bedroom while someone else is watching a movie in the living room. Or group all your speakers to play music synchronously throughout your home.

Why Sonos?

Sonos is the new-age smart alternative to traditional sound systems. It is a world-class speaker system that floats music throughout your home wirelessly. Naturally, it comes in a range of smart speakers, sound bars and subs from the ultra-compact to the multi-room sets. The systems have ditched the usual mess of wires to use WiFi to stream music directly off the Internet.

Sonos is compatible with over 100 music streaming services and comes with no monthly subscription fee. Stream Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Audible, Deezer, TuneIn, Google Play Music, YouTube Music and many more. Voice control in WiFi works for Sonos with both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. In fact, you can even connect your existing sound system, like a turntable or a CD player to listen to your current collection seamlessly. 

Sonos’ latest addition: Sonos Radio

Till now, Sonos has always been an impartial channel for streaming music, but now it has jumped into the content creation side of the business. And it’s excellent news for music lovers all over because its free-to-use streaming service – called Sonos radio – brings together over 60,000 music radio stations with Sonos’s original programming.

This includes not just a jaw-dropping variety of music but also behind-the-scenes stories, artist hosted radio hours, artist-curated stations, genre-based stations and more – all of it powered by next-gen AI to ensure you hear more than the same old tracks that pop up everywhere. Basically, you will have the very best of thousands of radio stations! All of it intelligently packed to ensure your tastes are catered too but also that you have plenty of leeway to explore new things. 

The advantages of Sonos at a glance

  • first-class sound in every room
  • compatible with voice assistants (Alexa
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  • a free app for easy control
  • elegant design in two colors
  • speakers for at home and on the go
  • individual sound experience
  • can be connected to Apple HomeKit
  • compatible with external devices (record player, CD player
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  • Sonos Radio with thousands of radio stations from around the world

Our verdict – GET IT NOW! 

With Sonos Speakers, the sound quality is never in doubt! You will get the very best in your budget. In the current world of expanding music libraries, finding music has become ever harder. We tend to get stuck in the same AI rut – wanting to, but unable to find new stuff to listen too. And Sonos Radio solves that problem! It gives us all a way to push back against the narrowing personalised walls of music recommendations and discover more! 

To know more about which Sonos device (speaker, sub or sound bar) to get for your home, book a consultation with a Mila professional to understand all the pros and cons of different products and make an informed decision. 

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