ARHUB: reliable protection and absolute comfort

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ARHUB – Swiss high-tech alarm systems since 1989

With a focus on customer satisfaction and a great passion for technology, the Swiss company ARHUB offers intelligent and innovative alarm systems that always make you feel safe. ARHUB constantly analyses and evaluates all noises and sound waves of a surveilled area and triggers an alarm before something unwanted happens. Developed in 1989, the high-tech alarm system has been continuously improved over past years thanks to the customers’ support.

ARHUB alarm detects BEFORE something unusual happens and brings constant comfort knowing that everything is fine at your place. It is easily controlled by the smartphone app or with the use of a computer – from anywhere in the world at any time. The ARHUB devices adapt to any environment and are practically invisible, whether it is new construction or existing building. The company guarantees the most enjoyable user experience, as all products are created with the active support of their beta customers. The alarm system transmits high encrypted data using secure network solutions. Independent servers, built for ARHUB, are physically located in Switzerland. ARHUB always stays connected, even when the Internet router goes offline and uses a mobile SIM card as the cellular backup solution.

How the swiss alarm system works

Using unique proprietary technology, the ARHUB security system scans ALL ROOMS of the protected object and sends an alarm immediately, when there is an attempt to open door or window from the outside.

  • analyses all noises and sound waves of the surveilled area
  • immediately detects suspicious changes caused by external influences
  • filters all everyday noises and reliably triggers the alarm only in an emergency
  • in 95% of cases, the intruder flees as soon as the siren is triggered

The AR6000C alarm system was originally developed for the military use, this intelligent system protects and alerts BEFORE anything happens. ARHUB activates the alarm system as soon as the last person leaves and deactivates the system as soon as first person comes back. If suspicious activities are detected, ARHUB immediately sends a notification to your smartphone.

The ARHUB gateway ensures a constant connection to the Internet and controls the entire ARHUB security system. 

The ARHUB App provides easy access to all ARHUB devices and informs you only when it’s needed. The intuitive application works on iOS and Android. The ARHUB security system can also be managed and monitored anytime, anywhere using the ARHUB Platform.

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