Smart Gardening: Smart Solutions For Your Garden

Now that you have made your home smart, why not take all this lovely cutting edge technology outdoors and use it to create your own private Eden – with half the effort! 

The smart home tech market abounds with plenty of devices that can automate your gardening tasks and take care of your turf, flowers and vegetable patches like clockwork. 

Here are some of our favourite smart gardening picks – 

Smart robot mowers

Let’s start with the most labour intensive and unpleasant garden task -mowing. Bring in a robot lawnmower and kick back and relax this summer. These battery-powered beasts come fitted with WiFi, GPS or Bluetooth and can be controlled entirely by your phone. Now enjoy the smell of freshly cut grass without actually cutting any yourself! 

(Our recommendations – Robomow RS630 & Husqvarna’s Automower 450X)

Smart water sprinklers 

We tend to waste a lot of water while irrigating our gardens, and it hurts not only the environment but also our pockets! Now with smart sprinklers, you can schedule watering, get rid of any leaks and ensure that every drop counts. The entire system can be controlled using a simple app on your phone, and you can even automate your watering schedule to accommodate the weather! We would be happy to advise you on the various options for automating your garden irrigation!

(Our recommendations – Rachio 3 Orbit-B hyve WiFi Smart Hose Watering Timer)

Smart Plant Monitors

Take the guesswork out of your gardening with smart plant monitors and sensors. These can come in the form of embedded sensors in pots or entire smart pots, which can measure a variety of metrics to keep an eye on the health of your plants. Light, temperature, moisture, fertilizers and more are tracked, and you get notified via an app as soon as something falls or exceeds the optimal limits. 

(Our recommendations – Parrot Pot & Gro Water Sensor Starter Kit)

Smart Indoor Gardens 

And finally, let’s bring the greens indoors! For those who don’t have a patch of land outside, smart indoor gardens provide an efficient and straightforward way 

to grow the plants you need inside your four walls. These are self-contained systems that automate water, light and fertilizer levels and ensure you get a steady crop of fresh herbs and vegetables even when you don’t have a garden. 

(Our recommendations – The Smart Garden 9, EDN Wallgarden & CityCrop Intelligent Indoor Smart Garden)

So, what do you need to get started? 

We would recommend that you first do some research to find out what you need the most and start with one type of smart garden device. Unlike smart home tech, you don’t need to think much about the interconnectedness of devices (though that is possible too) and can use them as standalone gadgets. 

If you have made your choice and need help with the installation, our Mila partners are there for you. And if you just want advice to discover your garden automation options, book our “General Help” service on!

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