Smart Home: The Advantages It Brings And Some Of The Must-Haves To Start With

Smart Home technology and devices have been around us long enough to establish the many benefits of integrating them into our homes. While they might not have turned our homes into a science fiction movie set yet – it has undoubtedly bought that fiction closer to reality. 

The main advantages of bringing home smart tech devices are many. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Energy efficiency – save energy through smart plugs
  • Cost saving – It saves a fair bit of money on utility bills
  • Automation – Get rid of mundane, repetitive tasks by automating them and find more time to focus on other important things in life and work
  • Increased home security – provide enhanced safety for kids and elderlies

And there are more

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, many more! Believe us; we haven’t ever heard a client say they would prefer to go back to life without smart tech! 

However, if you are stepping into the world of smart home tech devices for the very first time then here is a list of 5 MUST-HAVEs to make your initial purchases easier: 

Smart Plugs –  the first step towards infusing a bit of intelligence into your home can start with smart plugs. These are easy to install and use and show instant results on your electricity bill by cutting off your phantom power usage. 

Smart Lights – lights should be your next upgrade. Smart lights like the ones sold by Philips under the name Hue are great to start with. You can change colours, optimise brightness, and control the all functionalities remotely. 

Smart Hubs – with two devices at home, it’s time to invest in a smart home hub next. These are voice-controlled speakers that provide a centralised control system to manage all your devices. They also serve as a portal for accessing information from the Internet (through a voice assistant such as Alexa or Siri) and can be used as speakers as well. 

Smart Thermostats – An excellent power saver is a smart thermostat that regulates your heating and cooling needs to an optimal level. 

Smart Locks and Video Doorbells – installing a smart doorbell or lock is not difficult at all; most devices are built to fit comfortably on existing doors. The comfort level and sense of security, however, is disproportionately higher! You can remotely observe people approaching your door or ringing your bell and control access even when you are not on your property! 

Ultimately, like the advantages, the smart home device range is also pretty vast! There is no end to what you can bring into your home and how much automation you can build from interconnected devices. But

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, we would recommend that you start slow and add intelligently; smart home tech is expensive, and you should always keep the need and functionality centerstage while choosing new add-ons. 

Here we would recommend you hire the services of an expert and book a Mila professional via for a Smart Home Consultation. The smart home tech market is a vast, ever-changing ocean; jump into it with a certified diver!

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