Are you self-quarantining? Here are some ways technology can be harnessed to keep the blues away

I am sure all of us have a list of TV series we have been dreaming of binge-watching, but now that self-isolation has become a reality, boredom is starting to set in. We are all nearing our TV watching limits, and we are about to find out how much TV a human being can watch! 

But technology has many other functionalities apart from just video streaming. Here are some other ways to make self-isolation a fun and productive time –


For the ones sorely missing their morning run or gym sessions, there are plenty of online workout videos already on the web, but we would recommend you use Skype to do it with your friends or join a live streaming class. We recommend apps and online workouts such as GymCube, FitFusion by Jillian Michaels, Scott Laidler’s online personal training, Dana Landgren, Obé Fitness, and Peloton (which is offering a free 90 day trial period). 


As schools shut down indefinitely, apps have sprung up to fill educational needs and help parents bring some structure to their and their children’s days. There are tons of online videos being streamed by local schools, and well-known brands such as Scholastic and Audible have made its kid’s library and courses free. For adults, there are plenty of options too – Coursera has made several courses free, and well-known universities such as Yale have followed suit. Think of it as a great time to invest in a new hobby or skill – learn an instrument, pick up those knitting needles, learn a new language or why not go the whole hog and join a coding boot camp to finally learn that IT stuff.

 Make Gaming and Entertainment Social

Gamers are a step ahead when it comes to self-quarantining. They already know how to mix gaming with chat to socialize without ever leaving their couch.  

For people who are not into video gaming, try new tools like “houseparty”, a group video tool chat, which is being used to play party games like heads-up with friends while video chatting. The social angle can still make solo activities fun – Discord, Netflix Party, and even business conferencing tool, Zoom, are becoming quite popular with friends wanting to hang out virtually.

Keep Working And Stay Sane

Of course, this is not a holiday, and some of us have to put in a full 8 hours a day to earn our paychecks. Thankfully, remote work is a fully established ecosystem, and with a good Internet connection and a selection of software and applications, most would be able to easily maintain office like productivity from their bedrooms. If you need help with the wifi set-up, the book our service now on

Take care of your mental health

The unending tide of Coronavirus news is impossible to manage for even the most positive of people. So we are willing to bet you are looking for ways to distress. Along with official helplines and online therapists, several great apps have proved to be incredibly useful. Do check out Headspace, Talkspace, Moodpath, Bloom, or Ten Percent Happier, to start with.

Finally, how can Mila help?

As you have realised by now, everything is online! Is your Internet connection and devices ready for the added burden the coming months are going to place on them? 

Book your individual service with a Mila Professional to understand how to get the best Internet bundle for yourself or for your older relatives in self-isolation. We will help you make sense of all the various options out there, find you one that fits your needs and budget, and where needed help with finalizing online subscriptions and set-ups. All either on site with some precautionary measures or now also via phone or video chat! We will optimize your home tech to get you through self-isolation in the best shape possible!

Meanwhile, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, and Stay Sane!

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