Amazon Echo: Why You Need It And How It Works

If you are considering getting some smart technology into your home, then Amazon’s Echo is something you should most certainly consider as a Launchpad. From one of the big three players in the smart home tech ecosystem (i.e., Amazon, Apple, and Google), the Amazon Echo is a smart speaker that is a vital part of the Amazon-Alexa smart home ecosystem. Physically a speaker, it does double and triple duty as a personal assistant, smart home controller, and more. 

Why do you need an Echo, and what does it do?

Sure, you can use Alexa from your laptop or buy a third-party smart speaker as your hub, but if you are serious about experiencing the real interconnectedness of the Amazon smart home world, then an Echo is an unmissable link in the system. It is the gateway through which you can access the best of Amazon’s smart home. 

You can use your Echo with built-in Alexa to –

  • Bring music into your home by using Alexa’s voice-controlled access to YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, and similar lists.
  • Access information, news, weather, cooking tips, and basically anything else you want to know.
  • Control your other smart home devices including your TV
  • Make phone calls
  • Fix alerts, notifications, and reminders to get you through the day without missing a beat.
  • Set routines or explore home automation that is controlled through voice commands via the Echo.
  • and finally, stave off boredom with Alexa games and jokes.


How does Amazon Echo work?

Amazon Echo comes in many avatars – from the cutesy coloured Echo dot to the fully-loaded Echo studio for a premium audio experience to the Echo Show, which brings the ease of video to the device. The price range varies too, and what you pick depends on your present and future smart home plans and, of course, your pocket! 

The setup of Amazon Echo is pretty simple. However, if you experience difficulties with the setup or just don’t have time, then simply book our service “Amazon Alexa and Echo Setup and Discovery” and a Mila Friend will come to you to take over the setup.

If you would like to connect your other smart home devices to Alexa, then that is possible through the app. As your smart home ecosystem grows, you can group them together and create automated scenes and routines to get them all to work together. 

Whether you are gearing up for complete integration of smart home devices in your house or are just dipping our toes in digital home tech – Amazon’s Echo is an integral part of your smart home set-up. 

Amazon offers a range of Echo devices. We recommend that you take your needs and budget into account when making your decision and select the device that is suitable for all criteria. If you are not sure which device is most suitable for you, let us advise you. Simply book our “General Help” service and our Mila partners will work with you to find the perfect solution for your home. You can also book our service when you purchase your Amazon Echo at and a Mila partner will install your new Amazon Echo in no time!

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