Simple Steps for Setting Up Your First Smart Home

Are all those smart home tech ads making you itch to add some to your home? It’s really not so surprising, considering how many exciting devices there are in the market now. From robo vacuums (a must-have) to next-gen entertainment hubs to high-end security systems – whatever you fancy automating in your home, there is a gadget for it! The flip side of all this choice is that it can be highly confusing to get started! So, here are some first steps to get you started without busting your budget.

Step 1
Pick your Hub
In 2020 smart home tech is no longer a standalone technology

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, it is an ecosystem, and the best way ahead is to start with the assumption that you will want to keep adding to it. So, the first thing to do is pick the ecosystem that suits your budget and needs.
The big three players in the game are Amazon (series is called Echo, and the assistant is Alexa), Google (series is called Home with a simply named Assistant as the assistant) and Apple HomeKit (Siri is the assistant and devices can be any apple device such as the iPhone or TV).

While most smart home devices are interoperable, it makes sense to think and research your current tech needs and future plans to pick the one that gives you maximum integrations and flexibility.

Step 2
Create a list of the products you NEED and start buying
Like we said in the beginning, it’s a market bursting at the seams with devices, and deciding what you should buy is not a straightforward business. Here we recommend you let your requirements guide you. For example, if you want to reduce electricity bills, then smart lights, plugs, and thermostat might be a good starting point. But if security is your primary concern, then it might make more sense to invest in a smart doorbell or a smart home security system. If saving time and effort is why you first started considering smart tech, then a smart coffee maker or robo vacuum are the obvious first choices.

If you are confused with all the technical jargon and choice, we suggest you book a Mila Smart Home Consultation to get an expert to weigh in. They will assess your home, your specifications and give recommendations that fit your budget.

Step 3
Don’t forget to check your Internet plan and understand privacy issues
Your smart home tech will only function smoothly if your Internet is up to speed (literally). You need to first run a speed test and then determine if your current Internet plan supports your smart home tech needs. If not, then an upgrade might be in order. This is also a good time to revisit and tighten your WiFi network security settings and options.

Step 4
Installation and Set-Ups
Unless you are a tech pro or are getting installation support from the store where you bought the devices, we recommend that you bring in professional help. You can use our Mila platform to find an experienced professional in your neighborhood who will handle your expensive gadgets with care AND put them at optimal settings for most efficient usage.

That’s it; you are now living in a smart home! Now, sit back and enjoy the intelligence and comfort it brings to your home.

Finished googling? Ready to start? Then it’s time to hear from the experts too. Book a smart home consultation with an Expert on and get practical, first-hand knowledge from on-field experts.

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