Mila has two new enterprise partners – Gravis and Mobilcom Debitel. What does this mean for Mila customers?

Since the 1st of December, we have been on-boarded as service partner with two fantastic retailer – Gravis and Mobilcom Debitel! 

Many of you may already be aware of these retailer – Gravis is an authorized Apple dealer that specialises in offering a full 360° Apple ecosystem made up of products, repairs, and third party brands that can be combined with Apple products. Mobilcom Debitel, on the other hand, is brand-agnostic and sells all types of electronic items and services. They both have a strong European presence that they maintain through their many stores and eCommerce website.

How does Mila tech service  integration with enterprise partners help customers? 

Gravis and Mobilcom Debitel both offer a vast number of technical consumer electrical products – as a customer, you can be sure to find the latest products and best deals here. Now with Mila support integration, customers can get end-to-end installation and troubleshooting services at their stores as well. 

We recognize that customers want point-of-purchase support. When someone buys a gadget – for example, a smart TV – then they would probably like to have it installed by professionals instantly. Booking a traditional service request can cost time and also be more expensive. Collaboration with enterprise brands allows us to offer customers the right service at the right moment – wherever they are located. 

With an authorized service partner, customers can be 100% sure of receiving brand-specific professional service. With Mila’s vast network of technical service  experts, customers can be sure that only mila-trained, reputable professionals will handle their gadgets.  

The Bottom Line 

These enterprise tie-ups are a win-win for everyone! Retailer, Smart Tech Manufacturer or Telecom Operator get to provide their customers with the right service at the right moment and increase customer satisfaction, customers get the very best service through trusted professionals.

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