Which tech products are a must-have Christmas present?

With less than a month to go for Christmas, it is time you started thinking seriously about making your shopping list. Because we all know that the list is where all the hard work lies, shopping is the easy bit. 

Now, when it comes to gifts, you can’t go wrong with tech! It doesn’t matter who you are shopping for; there are so many MUST-HAVE gadgets for every age, interest, and gender that you can find something for everyone. 

Swap your toys and whiskey bottles for a thoughtful gadget, and you can’t go wrong!  Here’s what we recommend – 


It’s never too early to learn how to programme and code. This Christmas exchange the usual LEGO pack with a coding gift such as the mBot Robot Kit, the Piper computer kit or Kano PC. 


It’s hard to find a teenager who isn’t interested in Virtual Reality and Gaming! This makes it really easy to buy an X-mas gift for them – just add the new VR headset by Oculus to your cart! It has everything one needs to experience the VR gaming scene. 

Young Adults 

We couldn’t decide! So here are two awesome gifting options for young adults – 

Google Pixel Buds, which pairs with Google’s ever-expanding AI ecosystem, delivers the ability to translate 40 different languages in real-time – in your ear! How can that not be useful! 

Bose Frames – sunglasses and earphones combined! Why didn’t anyone think of this before! Stream music through little speakers in your sunglasses – that too Bose’s audio quality.   

Men and women

We truly believe that tech has no gender – sure there are tons of products that target men and women separately, but you can find awesome gadgets on both sides of the aisle. 

So this X-mas keep an Apple Watch on your list for an adult you want to indulge. The series 5 just came into the market, and this is the one you need to get. 

In addition, the Sonos speakers are an excellent gift. Whether the Sonos Move, which you can take to other rooms or outside, or the Sonos One Smart Speaker with integrated voice control – there is something for everyone.


If you thought seniors would be a tough nut to crack with a tech gift, then you couldn’t be more wrong. Here we have two gifts (at opposing ends of the price spectrum) that are sure to please your parents and grandparents. 

A smart coffee maker from any of the top brands such as Nespresso, Hamilton, or Braun is easy to use and will undoubtedly become a much-loved piece of gadget – regardless of age. 

At the higher end of the price range comes a Smart TV! Introduce the seniors to the joy of streaming video content – you will be surprised how easy it is for even the most tech-challenged people to get hooked on! 

What do you think? We are sure you have many more people-pleasing gift ideas. So do share your thoughts to help all our readers. 

Merry Christmas!

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