Why are Smart Home Consultations growing in demand and why you should get this service from Mila.

The digital innovations of the last decade combined with the exploding Internet usage have given birth to entirely new ways of living – and nowhere is this more evident than in the smart home technology. With intelligent, connected, voice-controlled devices, we can now live in the home of the Future, right NOW. The enthusiasm for smart home technology is intense – by 2023, IDC forecasts that nearly 1.6 billion devices will be shipped across the globe, and by 2024, the smart home market is expected to reach $151.4 billion

This massive growth is proof of the many benefits users experience every day with smart home devices –

– Adding smart home tech improves energy efficiency all round – with simple alerts and preset commands, you can completely do away with power wastage issues like lights or devices left on.

– Automating mundane tasks adds a new layer of convenience for the entire family – from feeding your pets on schedule to waking up to a readymade cup of coffee to smart refrigerators that update your shopping lists – smart tech makes many daily tasks effortless.

– Whether it is saving on your energy bill or reducing food wastage, smart home devices are filled with clever new ways to keep your money in your wallet.

– Another benefit worth mentioning is the security that smart security systems provide. This extends beyond CCTV cameras and motion sensors to keeping elderly, disabled, or young family members safe. Even shutting off forgotten ovens and overflowing taps can increase the safety of the home and the people living inside it.

However, despite all the benefits, many homeowners are delaying their experimentation with smart home tech. A big reason for this is because they don’t know where to start and are somewhat confused with all the choices in the market. 

One way to get head of this bottleneck is to schedule a smart home consultation. 

If you are not sure which types of smart devices work for your home or what suits your needs and budget, then the best way forward is to ask a professional. A smart home consultation is a service that puts you in touch with an expert who analyses your needs and recommends a 360° roadmap to get you and your home into the future. 

The most reliable way to find a smart home consultant is to book one on Mila! Mila is a technology support platform that puts you in touch with tech professionals in your neighbourhood. Thoroughly vetted and trained, Mila professionals are a great way to get technical help and guidance from industry experts.

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