Bosch 360 Camera Installation

Before you start Please first download the Bosch Smart Cameras App. You need the app to install and configure the 360°-Indoor Camera. Make sure
you have installed a connection to the internet as well as Wi-Fi .
Please have the Wi- password available. Make sure your smart phone is connected to the Wi- network you want to use for the camera.

Check the Wi- availability

The Indoor Camera needs a stable and sufficiently strong Wi- connection.

Please choose the location where you like to position your Indoor Camera and check first the strength of the Wi- -signal at this location, using your smart phone.

The table below indicates if the Wi- connection strength is sufficient for use in combination with the Indoor Camera.

When positioning your Indoor Camera, please note the following: ▶ Position the Indoor Camera on a level surface

  • ▶  Preferably the Indoor Camera observes the area you wantto monitor, you better avoid having the Indoor Camera lookingat windows
  • ▶  The cable should be fastened so that it can’t makethe Indoor Camera fall when touched accidentally

The Indoor Camera is not suitable for outdoor use. Please position the Indoor Camera in climate controlled indoor rooms only.

Please position the Indoor Camera right up standing e.g. on a cupboard or table.

Select the appropriate plug and attach the plug to the power adapter.

Connect the Indoor Camera via the network cable to the socket.

The Indoor Camera is now powered and ready for use. The Indoor Camera will now boot and prepare itself for configuration. When the Indoor Camera is ready to connect to the Wi- the light ring blinks green.


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