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Book tech service with Alexa and Google Home: Conrad Friends by Mila can now be booked via voice commands

  • Omnichannel provider Conrad Electronic is widening its home tech service platform in cooperation with the Mila service platform
  • Now customers can book service appointments with Alexa and Google Home using voice controls
  • A simple, uncomplicated process for immediate service

As one of Mila’s first German partners, omnichannel provider Conrad Electronic is expanding its cooperation with the Mila service platform to offer installation, repair, and maintenance services for electronics and high tech devices. Now, to make it even easier to access on-demand technical services, customers can book appointments with Conrad Friends using the new voice controls of home assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

By making it possible to book Conrad Friends via voice commands, Conrad Electronic, a longtime specialist in technology and electronics, is working with Mila to keep up with industry trends toward simplification and digitization of the service industry. The home assistants are activated using simple commands, and in a few steps are able to request a suitable Conrad Friend, who then aids the user with tasks like TV installation, computers, smartphones and tablets, as well as more advanced questions about networking, internet connections, and all matters relating to smart home devices.

The home assistants guide the users through the booking process in a few simple steps. To enable this in Alexa, the corresponding skill must be activated (Alexa feature extension), while Google Home owners can start right away. Voice commands let you open the application: “OK Google, let me speak with the Conrad Friends” or “Alexa, open/start/load the Conrad Friends.”

From here, the processes for both systems are serious. Following are examples of how a user can book a TV installation appointment using Alexa or Google Home:

  • I have a new TV.
  • Help me set up/install my TV.
  • Find someone who can set up/install my TV.

The booking process for technical support is similar and can be initiated with the following commands—in this case using a tablet as an example:

  • I am having a problem with my tablet.
  • My tablet isn’t working anymore.
  • My tablet is broken.

The home assistant will then ask for the user’s full name and phone number and submit a request directly to the Mila platform. For this, an address must also be provided or stored in the system. If there is a suitable Conrad Friend, he will contact the user by phone.  

“Our home is becoming increasingly technological and connected, and language assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home are already helping simplify people’s everyday lives—helping with tasks like making purchases, ordering food, and keeping an eye on the calendar. But many users lack the knowledge necessary to solve technical questions or problems themselves. Conrad Electronic has long recognized this and we are very proud to be expanding our customer service with our on-demand service platform,” says Mila CEO Christian Viatte. “By integrating our Mila partnership as part of Conrad Friends into the two home assistants Google Home and Alexa, we are able to offer our customers better support with technical questions and problems than ever before.”

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