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How to Market Yourself As Technician on Mila

You registered as a Mila Friend and entered your skills. Now you can start accepting “deals”. Mila provides you service requests from partners like Swisscom, Samsung, Conrad or Interdiscount. But what else can you personally do to get more deals?

Ever heard of self-marketing? Here are our top tips on how to generate deals for yourself.

The good old print advertisement:

  • Flyer: In our Download Center you will find a sample flyer – you can print that flyer in a copy shop, write your name on it (in the field “provided by”) and then throw it in mailboxes in your neighbourhood, distribute it in front of consumer electronics stores, put them in your local café or on “black boards” etc. This way you can quickly become a well-known local tech professional.
  • Put stickers on repaired products: In the Download Center we offer Friends a template for stickers. You can print those and stick them on products that you have repaired. This way the customer remembers how he can get tech help next time he has a problem.

The MILA App:

  • Using the rebooking function in the Mila App: This way you can easily record repeated bookings and have an overview in your dashboard.
  • Capture new customers in the Mila App – if you have successfully acquired a new customer, you can also manually capture the service in the App and communicate with the customer concerning material and other issues.
  • Install and explain the Mila App to the customer so that the customer can order technical assistance anytime within just a few clicks.
  • Upselling at the customer’s site: If the customer needs additional services, which can be done (e.g. upgrade to a new router / VoiP, etc.) – then you can sell these services right away and track them in the Mila App.


  • Social Media: You can set a link to your Mila profile and share it in your social media profiles like Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. Alternatively, of course, to the website.

With these self-marketing tips California region phone , your business should really get going and a lot of new deals are waiting for you.

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