Tips um mehr Anfragen über Mila zu erhalten

More Service Requests on Mila With These Tipps!

Congratulations! You have successfully created a profile on Mila. The real work is just getting started – the customers do not come just like that. Think about how you want to convince your potential customers of you and your abilities. If you have received a service request, you should complete it so the customer is happy. After all, this should not be your only assignment.

We’ll tell you how to make you and your service attractive on Mila.

1. Appealing appearance

Your profile must address a potential customer. Especially important is your profile picture. You should not look too formal, but of course not too casual either. Choose a picture in good quality, which will make you feel sympathetic and inspire confidence. The first impression counts!

2. Good job profile

Make your skills concise and precise. Users should get a quick and comprehensive picture of who you are – and above all, what you can do. In addition to your professional qualification, you should also include your soft skills. Ask yourself why the customer should feel good about your profile.

3. Service

If you have successfully accepted a service request, contact the customer as soon as possible. Clarify all the details in advance: What exactly does he need? What are his expectations of you and the requested service? Only then you can arrive on time and prepared and deliver a perfect result.

4. Reliability

Confirm the appointment 36 hours in advance via the Mila App. This signals to the customer that the appointment (and above all the customer) is important to you. At the same time you avoid standing in front of a locked door. Because an appointment can sometimes be forgotten.

5. Availability

Inform the customer when you are on your way. He should know that you do everything possible to be on time and offer as much information and service as possible. Using the Mila App the customer can also inform you about changes on a short notice.

6. Punctuality

You should definitely be on time. Nothing hurts customers more than a late service provider. This conflict potential can be easily be avoided by leaving earlier in case there is any traffic. Nevertheless, if you are late, ensure that you contact the customer to inform him.

7. Friendliness

No matter how great your profile is, if you do not come across as friendly at the appointment as you do on the net, you probably will not get a positive rating. With your technical competence alone, you will not be able to convince the client of you and your abilities.

8. Communication

Ask your customer to confirm via the Mila App that you have taken the appointment. This is important so that it can be booked accordingly in the system. Complete the order so that the customer gets an invoice and you get your money.

9. Evaluation

Without ratings, you won’t be able to build your reputation. But those ratings should also be positive. When we see that you have fulfilled the wishes of your previous clientele to the utmost satisfaction, our algorithm will favor you in the distribution. Always remember: the customer is king. And even if he annoys you with his wishes and ideas – ultimately, only that you deliver properly. Best with a smile on the face. Then it works well with the positive rating.

10. Chances of success

After the service is before the service. So keep your profile up to date and definitely add new professional knowledge and communities. For example, if you have attended a training course, you should not only present the newly acquired skills in your profile, but also apply them, so that the customer can be satisfied with the actual performance you have provided. Keep your profile up-to-date at all times.

With these tips you will soon become an absolute professional! And earn some good money.

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