Neue Funktion bei der Mila App: Folgeauftrag

Mila App As a Tool for Customer Acquisition and Rebookings

This February, the new Mila App was launched. With the integrated Mila Bot and immediate service features, customers can use the automated Mila Bot assistant to schedule an appointment with a Mila tech at a time of their choosing, or alternatively,  request urgent support services within an hour.

For the ICT service providers, the app provides a useful tool for planning and managing service orders.

Over the past few weeks, our product team has been working on further development of the Mila App, and to this end have added a two new improvement: better functionality for the order management and the implementation of a follow-up order feature.

It all started with intense discussions and interviews with the Mila Friends and Pros, many of whom expressed a desire to independently receive orders from existing and new customers. Your wish is our command!

1. New dashboard for simplified order management

To simplify the management of work orders for our Mila Friends and Pros, the dashboard of the Mila App has been rearranged. Service Providers can now process running orders under Actions and view planned orders under Order Lists.

Processing options under Actions

  • Manually accept or reject service orders
  • Schedule an appointment date or desired appointment date. This allows all future orders to be planned and viewed at a glance.
  • In the check-out category, unfinalized work orders (work orders that have been marked completed by the customer, but not the service provider) are also listed. The service provider can enter the payment type and finalize the order here.

Planned orders under Order Lists

  • As soon as the customer has specified a desired date for the service order, the order moves from the Set Date/Desired Date category to the Order List.
  • The Order List contains all accepted orders with a set date

2. Processing of Rebookings

The new feature is the follow-up order function, or Rebooking, where the difference between new and existing customers is made clear.

For customers who have already booked a service through Mila, the customer and order data are stored in the Existing Customers Overview. This is displayed in an alphabetical summary of all completed orders with the corresponding customer data.

Now, however, the Friend can also enter the contact data of new customers who have come, for example, via personal recommendation.

Serve independently-acquired customers

Now, Mila Friends can independently book service packages for existing or new customers within the Mila App. At this time, the customer’s contact data are required before the service jobs can be booked.

At the end of the booking process, a summary of the order is produced. After this is confirmed, the customer and the Friend are contacted by email and SMS with the most important information.

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