Interdiscount delivers service in real-time

Customers can now schedule convenient home tech services at every Swiss Interdiscount location

Washing machine delivery and installation, TV station configuration or smartphone setup—all at the click of a button. Together with the service platform, the largest home electronics retailer in Switzerland wants to revolutionize home tech services. On Mila, Interdiscount customers can book on-sitetechnical assistance from certified service providers for their home or office at their desired date. The service is now available in all 189 Swiss Interdiscount stores as well as in Interdiscount’s online shop.

Zurich, 27th June 2017. Starting now, at the click of a button, Interdiscount customers can supplement their device purchases by booking services such as delivery, installation, TV station configuration and wall-mounting for CHF 149 via Printer setup is already available for CHF 89. Mila’s extensive network of over 5,000 service providers and automated order distribution system make it possible to offer quality, fast service at an affordable price. Now, once customers purchase a product at one of the 189 Interdiscount stores or in the online shop, they can easily book a service via Mila, which is sent to the various service providers in the area. The first service provider to accept the job is awarded the contract.

The service provider, a quality-tested individual (Friend) or a professional freelancer (Pro) contacts the customer directly after the booking and confirms the desired date. Next, he picks up the device in the Interdiscount branch and installs it directly in the customer’s home.

“Many customers do not have the desire or the time to set up their own tech devices. Older customers often lack access to new devices. With Mila, we are changing all this,” says Pierre Wenger, CEO of Interdiscount, explaining the reasons behind his company’s partnership with Mila.

During a three-month pilot phase in selected branches, services such as device delivery, TV installation and channel sorting as well as troubleshooting of computers were particularly in demand.

Customer demands: I want it now

The reasons behind the expansion of service offerings are increased customer expectations as well as the growing acceptance and use of on-demand services like Uber, Airbnb, or the various food delivery options.

“The customer of today does not only want the service to come to him, he also wants to decide when the service will be performed,” explains Christian Viatte, CEO of Mila.

The company has also introduced an immediate service feature that allows customers to order a service within an hour using the Mila app.

Companies like Samsung, Conrad Electronic, Swisscom, BRACK.CH and Orange are already using Mila to call service to a customer’s home at the touch of a button. Mila is now expanding internationally, with partners in France, Poland, and Austria.

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