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A Summary: Accenture Technology – Trends 2017

Each year the globally successful management consulting company, Accenture, releases a prediction report for the upcoming trends in technology and business. This year, the Accenture Technology Vision 2017’s theme was “Technology for People: The Era of the Intelligent Enterprise,” a concept that builds off of last year’s theme, which revolved around the importance of putting people first in this digital age.

The 2017 report is all about empowering people, personalization, connecting to the customer, and “making interaction simple and smart”. The report touches on five emerging trends that all help businesses to accomplish these essential goals.

Two trends in particular directly speak to what crowd service companies, like Mila, are doing. They address why and how companies are outsourcing, embracing freelance networks, and making a sweeping move towards on-demand digital platforms for customer service.

“Ecosystems as Macrocosms”

Trend two of five sheds light on the importance of building an ecosystem with third-party platforms. Gone are the days where one central office does it all. This has caused businesses to fall beyond in a variety of ways – whether it be in customer service, delivery, or purchasing orders.

Businesses are finding that by embracing digital partners and expanding their workforce, customer’s get better, faster, more reliable service. It’s about building new relationships with companies and platforms who can offer a specialized service that helps your business run more smoothly and reach a greater audience. These new relationships can be brought together via one digital platform that offers customers the attention and fast results that they want and have come so accustomed to in this on-demand world. The workplace will no longer exist in one building. It will exist in the hands of your customers.

Accenture predicted that in five years, customers will rely on a “digital middleman” who provides them with more options, such as messaging, smart assistance, and connected services that hold all information in one place, making at-home service visits and purchases easier and faster. They also predicted that 80% of the S&P 500 will take part in this ecosystem because by embracing new relationships with “multiple industries”, businesses can and will enhance their revenue.

Mila, for example, helps businesses to enhance revenue by reaching a wider audience of customers per day and saving businesses money on long service treks, and overtime and holiday payouts. Mila Friends are reachable, reliable, local freelancers who are far less expensive for businesses to employ. The digital platform is not only the future of customer service, but of consumerism. The enterprise is quickly becoming all about connecting with one another and helping each department exceed customer expectations by pairing with third party platforms, like Mila, who can pay closer attention to and give more time to the customer service department’s individual needs.

“Workforce Marketplace”

Trend three, “Workforce Marketplace”, similarly focuses on embracing the “open talent marketplace” and “on-demand labor platforms”. It’s about utilizing independent freelancers, much like Mila does. Doing so is not only cheaper for businesses, but more convenient for customers and it is predicted to lead the way in how businesses operate in 2017.

Accenture, and many successful businesses, believe that “small cores” are the best way to create powerful ecosystems so much so that they think by 2020 “traditional purpose of industrial era corporations and management models will be replaced, having been displaced by digitally connected marketplaces.”

On-demand labor platforms, like Mila, are expected to become the “primary driver” in consumerism. They are expected to grow vastly, changing the economic landscape as we know it. The freelance life will emerge from the trenches of judgement in which it has previously suffered, yet strengthened. These “talent marketplaces” will be able to provide freelancers with better benefits, more confidence, and more opportunity than ever before.

This is where and how Mila has not only kept up, but stayed ahead. Mila Friends are these very freelancers that Accenture is talking about. They are the first of what will become millions of successful, confident, reliable, and secure freelance employees in businesses with a greater, more contemporary workforce. Businesses are adopting their customer’s needs and goals as there own like never before, creating an economic system built for, because of, and with the consumer. And that is the reality of 2017.

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