Why Retailers Must Think On-Demand Service

Over the past decade, the consumer shopping experience has become increasingly efficient, simple, and convenient. On-demand media streaming services and marketplaces are accessible twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. With services being available immediately and products being delivered within the same day they’re ordered, consumer expectations are growing increasingly high.

Due to rising expectations, product development, and limited free time on the working consumer’s end, retailers can not afford to only rethink the shopping experience but must rethink the service experience as well.

Luckily, on-demand crowd services can help.

Rising Expectations

According to Aspect Software’s 2016 study, consumer expectations – especially amongst millennials – have changed immensely in the past decade. In 2016, nearly 50% of consumers stopped doing business with at least one company due to poor customer service, and nearly 60% expressed frustration with companies they buy from. But the reality is that consumers know the retail business better than ever – sometimes even better than the retailers themselves. To not listen to the needs of consumers is to put your business at huge risk of failing.

54% of millennials said that they would prefer conducting and/or requesting service via text messaging or online chats. This is the reality of today’s consumer experience. So long as products are immediately available, accessible 24/7, and at their fingertips, service for their products must be as well.

By pairing your business with a crowd service company, like Mila, you can be at your customer’s fingertips. Service requests can be made quickly, simply, efficiently, and conveniently on crowd service apps and your business’ website. Crowd service greatly expands your service field and workforce by contacting knowledgeable and reliable technicians who live within the vicinity of your customers. This allows your customer service team to offer home visits in a timely manner, which brings us to the next reason retailers must think on-demand.

Limited Time For The Working Consumer

Most people work. At least in some capacity. Otherwise – unless they’ve come into a fortunate inheritance or retired at the right time – people are busy. Not to mention people have families, and kids, and friends. Making time for an hour long customer service phone call (or longer) has become an absolute no-no in the consumer, and thus, retail world. Too many retailers are offering instant service experience via messaging, online chatting, and phone calls. While it’s always best to keep up with the trends, it’s even better to stay ahead. Retailers should not only offer easily accessible chatting services, but easily accessible home visit services as well.

Having a skilled tech enthusiast in your own neighborhood is the next revolution in the consumer service experience. Mila friends are transparent, and highly knowledgeable about today’s products and how they function (or malfunction). With hectic schedules, people want this more than ever. And if we’ve learned anything about the retail world it’s that customer will get what they want. So stay ahead of the game.

Complexity Of Products

These days it seems like one product can do a million things. It used to be that a television was just a television, a device on which you could watch shows and films and the news at their scheduled times. Now, a television can not only provide nearly any show or film or song at any desired time, but it can also function as a computer, a sound system, a gaming system, and a smart home hub. Likewise, speakers were once just speakers. Now they’re radios, news sources, and virtual assistants on which you can make on-demand, contactless payment purchases. Not to mention they’re extremely user-friendly.

But just because products are becoming easier for consumers to use doesn’t mean they’re becoming easier for consumers to fix. Products are becoming more complex with each update as their capabilities and options expand. This means more customer service requests and the need for more technical expertise than ever.

Crowd service friends can provide all of that: reliable, efficient, on-demand service and the knowledge and tools required to fix any issue. They can also function using an FSM app that allows them to arrive at a customer’s home already familiar with their purchases and service history, bringing an element of seamlessness to the service experience.

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  1. Great article Ricarda, the modern day customer expectations have changed and retailers need to make sure they can keep up or risk losing business.

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