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How to Implement On-Demand Service with DIY Tech Products

Product manufacturers are continually trying to enhance the user-friendly experience. Screens are getting larger, speakers can be spoken to, and home security systems are both self-sufficient and manageable from a distance. These enhancements, and others like them, allow consumers to feel that they have more control over their devices and that they’re more accessible. So it comes to no surprise that tech products with do-it-yourself installation capabilities, like the Sonos home sound system and various smart lock devices, are increasingly hitting the market and making it into homes.

But while DIY installation does have its perks for some consumers, others still need tech-friendly help. Products need to be connected to smart home hubs, wifi, and smartphone apps. Not to mention that these days, with products being multifunctional, learning the various ways to use a product takes time. But for some people, time is a difficult thing to find – and in today’s on-demand world, so is patience.

So How Can Retailers Help?

One main intention of DIY products is to rid consumers of long wait times and high installation fees. By tapping the crowd and pairing with crowd service companies, like Mila, retailers can ensure touch-of-a-button, on-demand, and reasonably priced customer service. Mila Friends are tech-savvy, flexible, and local freelancers who can visit the homes of your customers even on the weekends and evenings. Although it sometimes feels like it, not everyone in the world is up-to-date with new technology. Some people are just coming around to understanding how today’s products can add an extra element of pleasure and safety to their lives. Mila Friends can not only help new and existing customers to install their products, but learn to use them to their fullest capabilities as well.

By embracing the crowd, service teams can expand vastly. Suddenly, your technicians are not having to drive hours away for a home visit, as a tech-savvy Friend is likely in the area. Expanding your workforce allows for more home visits per day, which means more satisfied customers, which means more customers, which means…see where this is going?

Plus, Friends are reliable and quick. 90% of service requests are accepted within the first hour and 98% are accepted within the first three hours. Friends can be contacted via the Mila App or your company’s own app, making customer service as convenient and simple as, say, Uber. Or, food delivery services like Foodora. Now that’s yummy service.

How Can Retailers Implement Crowd Service?

Firstly, it’s essential to make sure that everyone – from the CEO to the customer service team – is in support of and knowledgeable about the crowd. This then allows for a smooth integration of the service into your various channels, be it an online shop, checkout system, service hotline, self-service center, etc.

From there, your new crowd service system can be marketed to new and existing customers in an engaging and informative manner. Social media pages and websites should advertise your new crowd service as easily accessible, convenient, quick, and reliable. Let customers know that your company acknowledges the fact that in this on-demand world, customer service is no exception.

Products and crowd services can and should be marketed together, as this may even persuade a customer on the fence to purchase your product. As for in-store marketing, flyers can be placed inside of the product’s packaging or placed into the customer’s bag at checkout along with their receipt.

What About Existing Service Teams?

Don’t worry – we’re not trying to get anyone fired here! Embracing crowd service and pairing with companies like Mila does not mean that your existing customer service team gets the boot. In fact, existing technicians can benefit from the crowd. Your service team probably consists of more experienced technicians who can now leave the smaller, easier work to Mila Friends and provide customers who have difficult, technically complex service requests with more time and focus.

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