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The Challenges Retailers Face Today And How The Crowd Can Help

In today’s ever-expanding technological world, businesses are being forced to not only keep up with but stay ahead of the customer shopping experience. Doing so, however, has proven to be quite difficult with the rapid growth of product evolution, customer demands, and powerhouse competitors like Amazon. Challenges are hard, but they can be overcome. Remember: the number one goal is revenue. So, how can businesses not only upkeep but generate new revenue? Through customer satisfaction.

If your customers are happy, then it’s unlikely you’ll lose them to competitors and more likely that they’ll purchase your products and upgrades in the future. Giant corporations, like Amazon, do have a lot to offer: affordable prices, quick delivery, and a single platform on which nearly any products can be purchased. Essentially, it’s easy. And that is why people love it.

Retailers, however, are struggling to keep up with such convenience. But the truth is that Amazon and similar large-scale corporations also lack things that your business can offer — one them being technicians who feel like friendly neighbors, and who can be at your home within the same day. By pairing with crowd service companies, your business can supply customers with face-to-face, personable, and reliable customer service. Below are some difficulties that retailers are facing today, and some tips on how using the power of the crowd can help retailers to not only overcome but thrive off of these challenges.

Reduce Spending, Generate Revenue

Your products are selling. Good. But what about all the money spent on repair services, like the gas mileage for long drives and potentially multiple visits? The fact that you’re making sales also probably means your phones are ringing. And that’s okay – sometimes repairs needs to be made, sometimes products need to be updated. It’s only okay, however, if you have a reliable team of knowledgeable technicians at your fingertips.

By coordinating with crowd service teams, your company can expand its field service management. This means that when a customer is in need of support, your company can offer local experts to their door within hours — maybe even minutes! This not only reduces the costs spent on sending technicians on long road-trips to customer’s homes but gains the respect of your customers, which generates long-term revenue. You were there when needed. Your team is reliable, close by, and easy to contact. So long as this is the case, customers will find your product and service reliable, caring, and convenient. And you better believe they’ll tell their friends.

Get Inside

As retail evolves, the customer’s home is becoming the hottest new point of sale. Businesses are creating new ways to get into homes every day. Retailers are having a hard time trying to figure out how to compete with products like the Amazon Echo and Google Home interactive speakers, which are already sitting ever so stylishly on bookshelves or side tables all over the world. These products allow Amazon and Google to learn more about their customers, which allow them to develop accommodating new products and, thus, to up-sell.

But pairing up with crowd service companies gives your business an opportunity that these corporations don’t have: to put real, live human beings into the homes of your customers. Your business can offer local technicians to customers all over the country, personalizing the customer service and shopping experience like never before. People love trying things out, seeing how products look in their homes, testing their compatibility with products before purchasing. Getting into the home allows technicians to see what customers might need to help their homes function more seamlessly, or to see what certain customers are into, where their interests lie. With a crowd service team, your technicians can then make suggestions accordingly. They can also arrive at homes with new products to sample or purchase. Bringing the store to the customer is the next revolution in retail.

Stay Organized

Today’s market exists not only in-store but online, by phone, by television, and, now, by smart-home devices with voice activated personal assistance. This global omni-channel retail market is today’s reality, and along with rapid product evolution and the ever-growing use of technology, it can become overwhelming and pose a variety of organizational challenges for retailers.

Businesses need tech-teams who are equipped with strong and secure software systems – like FSM Apps – where all customer information is securely stored and easily accessible. This way, when customers reach out for support, technicians are knowledgeable about the customer’s history and purchases. A strong order management system (OMS) is a must as well and helps retailers to quickly process and deliver purchases. Having a user-friendly, on-hand, and inter-connected platform that is accessible to all technicians within the company allows service teams to arrive at your customer’s homes equipped, prepared, and knowledgeable. Because many of these apps are inter-connected, service teams can often detect and solve technical issues remotely, leaving customers satisfied and impressed. By pairing with a crowd-service team, your business can provide customers with local, well-organized technicians who not only arrive promptly but prepared. Remember: stay ahead of the game.

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