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Field Service Management For Small Businesses With Access To Additional Service Requests

Maximizing service requests and cutting administrative effort for small businesses

Managing a small service business is demanding. As dispatcher of a service company with a handful of technicians, you have a lot of things to pay attention to: the number of service calls needs to be just right (too many is bad, and too few is even worse); you have to minimize routing for your techs; and you need to maintain full control over task completion and payment at all times. This requires administrative effort and a strong business sense.

How can we help these small service companies optimize their workload while simultaneously cutting administrative effort? This was the question we had in mind when we teamed up with our partner Coresystems to work on a brand-new Field Service Management Solution: FSM Light.

At Mila, our ultimate goal is to ensure that customers get top-quality technical support, and to get it ridiculously fast. Dispatchers have a make-or-break role in getting this kind of service to customers. It therefore became apparent that Mila needed to partner with Coresystems to create a product that cleared the way for dispatchers to organize, allocate and supervise service calls, as well as receive additional service requests from Mila’s business partners like Swisscom, Interdiscount, Conrad and many more.

We’re excited to announce that this product has now launched: FSM Light is accessible for all dispatchers registered at Mila under https://fsmlight.mila.com.

FSM Light – when, who, what?

To ensure seamless movement in the Mila ecosystem, FSM Light is nestled between the Mila Scheduler (which Mila uses to allocate services) and the Mila App (which technicians use in the field).

The Mila Scheduler considers all dispatchers registered on Mila when it distributes incoming service calls. It does so by continuously checking the whereabouts, skills and availability of the dispatchers’ technicians. The resulting information is used to optimize everyone’s workload and to match new service requests with appropriate technicians.

When the Scheduler has finished its matchmaking, dispatchers actively come into play. They need to accept the requests that have been matched to their technicians. After accepting, the service call is ready to be handled in FSM Light. Dispatchers assign services to certain time slots and technicians in a simple drag-and-drop interface. One click on a specific service call lets them check in real-time if the technician is already on the way to the customer or if payment is being processed.

Technicians, on the other hand, need another kind of tool because they are constantly out in the field. This is what the Mila App is for. Wherever the technicians are, they instantly receive a push notification on their app when the dispatcher assigns them a service call. The app tells them exactly what they need to do and records their working steps in just a few clicks. Naturally, this is synced with FSM Light. That way, dispatchers get real-time updates on what happens in the field, enabling them to increase the performance of their field service teams.

Where can I get this?

FSM Light is now available for all dispatchers registered in Switzerland and Germany. If you’re not registered yet and have a small business that provides technical service in either of these countries, you can find more information on www.mila.com/profi

After a quick validation by Mila, you’ll be able to access FSM Light on https://fsmlight.mila.com. And the best thing: It’s free for small businesses!

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