Conrad Friends: Neighbors are the new solution for Germans’ tech problems

Not a tech person? From now on, residents of 21 German cities can book Conrad Friends to solve their home tech problems

After a successful pilot program in Berlin and Munich, the on-demand tech support service is now rolling out all over Germany. Conrad Friends come directly to the customers’ home and solve technical problems

Everyone knows the feeling: getting stuck somewhere, whether you’re installing a TV, setting up your WLAN router, or configuring smart home products. You’re left standing alone in your house, wishing you kept in touch with that nerdy coworker from your last job. This is where Conrad Friends come in. They’re like your old coworker—friendly, love tech in all its forms, and live nearby. You can book them flexibly, when you need them most, and they’ll come by and quickly provide the tech support you need.

In cooperation with Mila, Conrad Electronic has launched Conrad Friends through Mila’s online mediation platform ( From today, Conrad Friends can be booked in a total of 21 German cities.

Berlin, March 14, 2017. For a small service fee, around 39 euros, Conrad Friends can now be booked for installation and troubleshooting of technical systems: such as smart home devices, internet, televisions, and others.

“The pilot program in Berlin and Munich was received quite positively. In total, more than 800 Conrad Friends signed up with our partner Mila and 450 service requests were recorded, with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars,” explained Ralf Heinrichs, the project manager and regional manager at Conrad Electronic.

Before approving a Conrad Friend’s membership, Mila conducts a detailed technical competence check to ensure a Conrad Friend is qualified. The Friend is then certified to conduct certain services. “Today, consumers are used to getting everything at the push of a button on their smart phone. It shouldn’t be any different when getting tech support after purchasing a device. With Conrad Friends, quick and flexible home tech support is available at the push of a button,” said Heinrichs.

Smiling faces thanks to Conrad Friends

Geeks of all stripes—from people with a quiet interest in television sets all the way to full-fledged computer dorks—have a secret power: a wealth of technical know-how that can be leveraged to help others. Conrad Friends are technically-aware people, such as students, who keep completely different schedules than your standard overworked technician. This approach, inspired by the collaborative economy, has been well received, not only by Conrad’s customers, but by the new technicians themselves, who are fully behind the concept:

“I’m thrilled that, as a Conrad Friend, I can pass on my technical knowledge to other people. Of course, the money is also nice. But the best part is to look into my customer’s smiling face after helping them out with a problem that had been bothering them for ages,” said 25-year-old Conrad Friend Clemens Grosser, from Berlin.

How to Book a Conrad Friend

If one of Conrad’s customers needs to install a smart thermostat, they have two options: schedule an appointment directly with the Conrad employee in the store, who will forward it to Mila, or they can book it themselves online at In both cases, the request is forwarded to the support platform, and from there distributed to a qualified Conrad Friend nearby.

An interested Conrad Friend in the area responds to the request and contacts the customer directly. Thus, the customer has a direct contact person available, just like a good, technically-inclined friend. Together, the customer and the Conrad Friend arrange an appointment on the spot. Once the issue has been resolved or the device installed, the customer can conveniently pay and rate his Conrad Friend on the Mila platform.

Do you need technical support or want to sign up as a Conrad Friend? Conrad Friends are active in the following cities:


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