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Combining Field Service Management Apps With Crowd Service

Apps make our lives easier, helping us complete tasks more efficiently – this is true for individuals and businesses alike. It’s therefore no surprise that software is being developed to assist companies with field service management. Through features as service requests tracking, personnel management and material logging, such apps can significantly increase the efficiency of a company’s field service operations and thus make an invaluable contribution to its success.

Although the emergence of field service management apps is still a recent development, they are rapidly growing in popularity and it is widely predicted that they will be the norm by the end of our present decade. Companies intending to remain abreast of the competition should therefore make sure to seize this opportunity early on.

The Value of Efficient Field Service Management

Successful field service management is invaluable towards maintaining customer satisfaction and fostering loyalty. Today’s customer is more exigent than ever and a negative experience with the service of a field technician, for example because a problem was poorly resolved or due to lengthy waiting times, can easily be a motivator for switching over to the competition.

Field service management calls for a continuous balancing of problem cases with more or less urgency, customers’ varying satisfaction, and of the various possible service routes and schedules. By using apps that help keep an overview and streamline these potentially complex and frequently shifting variables, companies can ensure to offer the best possible field service management, which in turn will help keep existing customers satisfied as well as attract new ones.

Utilizing Service Technicians to Their Full Potential

A large part of how field service management apps improve efficiency is by maximizing a company’s utilization of their service technicians. It is estimated that, on average, only 60% of a technician’s workday is spent actually working, the rest is idle time. This does not indicate that the technicians are lazy, rather that a lot of their time is wasted with paperwork, being stuck in traffic etc. Through the correct use of field service management apps, the proportion of time actually spent solving customers’ problems can be increased, allowing companies to make the most out of their salaried technicians. The apps help technicians manage their time more productively by calculating the best route, automating the logging and ordering of materials, and checking a customer’s history for additional contextual information. 

Mila and Coresystems Join Forces

Mila has built an ecosystem that connects small and medium-sized service companies with customers that need support. Mila has recently started collaborating with Coresystems, one of the world’s leading developers of field service management software. The two companies have come together to offer a real-time field management service software that is unique and groundbreaking in its use of crowdsourcing strategies. 
Mila Eco System

Coresystems’ innovation in the field has already been recognized in 2016 the company was introduced in the prestigious “Magic Quadrant” by the research company Gartner. As stated by Coresystems’ CMO Sebastian Ulbert, the company is committed to “helping organizations understand their customers’ needs throughout the field service journey. With Coresystems’ software solutions, organizations are able to increase revenue, expand into new markets and differentiate their services to gain a meaningful competitive advantage.”

The Crowd as a Valuable Field Service Management Tool

The crowd can hugely benefit a company’s field service management and the partnership between Mila and Coresystems aims to take full advantage of this new potential. Since Coresystems’ field service management software is directly connected to Mila, businesses can manage their own service requests and also crowd-source additional help.

With this new approach companies can be sure to maximize the utilization of their service, as it allows them to fill gaps and improve the overall quality of their service. As a result, it will also be possible for companies to significantly expand the scale and diversity of their service while reacting more quickly to higher demand, all without taking on additional full-time techs. 

Looking to the Future

According to the research company Gartner, the field service management market is growing at a formidable pace. Gartner’s research estimates that “by 2020, two out of three large field service organizations will equip field technicians with a mobile application that drives profitability by creating revenue streams, efficiency and customer satisfaction.” Companies looking to ride this wave should learn to adopt and correctly use field service management apps – as ever in business, it’s the early birds that will reap the greatest rewards, while latecomers will likely be left empty-handed.

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