Introducing the Mila Facebook Bot

Over the past decade, the amount of time people spend on Facebook has skyrocketed—Facebook’s 1.44 billion active users around the globe spend, on average, more than 20 minutes a day on the platform. What does this mean? It means that if you want to reach someone, Facebook is now just as important a tool as a TV commercial. That’s why we at Mila have a new trick up our sleeve—a Facebook bot!

What, you didn’t think we were finished with the launch of our new app? That’s not our style. At Mila, we’re always looking for new and more convenient ways to engage with our customers. So why not be available where they send such a significant amount of time?

But first, a bit about Facebook Bots

Since they were announced in April of 2016, many companies have added Facebook bots to their pages to increase engagement and better serve their users.

Facebook bots offer significant benefits for customer-oriented businesses. Of course, a simple autoresponders on your Facebook page can help increase customer engagement with your brand, since one of your social media managers doesn’t need to be online in order to converse with the customer. But this is just the most basic way—most bots offer a lot more services than simple pre-programmed responses to user chats. For instance, the CNN bot messages users with news stories they might find interesting, while 1-800 Flowers allows users to semantically order bouquets.

So how does the new Mila Facebook Bot work?

Now, users can book a service appointment entirely through Facebook. Indeed, it’s as simple as sending a quick message to Mila. When users send a message, the bot replies instantly, asking clarifying questions about the type of service, the user’s location, and when they need the work done. At the end of the series of questions, the user has arranged an appointment with an actual (non robotic) Mila tech, and they confirm their appointment.

It couldn’t be easier—try it at www.facebook.com/mila


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