Mila launches App with integrated Service Bot and On-Demand Feature

The new Mila App brings customers and service providers together, providing an integrated, all-in-one platform for tech and electronics support solutions. The new App also includes the Mila Bot, an AI assistant that helps customers book technical support on-demand.

“Hello, I am your Mila Bot. Do you want to book a service?“

This is the first thing a user sees when they start the new Mila App. A few clicks later, and the Mila Bot has found suitable, local tech support for everything from router setup and TV installation (including sorting channels) to laptop repairs. The customer is able to indicate a preferred date and time or even order the service immediately if they desire. On the service end, techs can set their status to “on call“ to receive instant bookings for their services. The service can usually be provided in under an hour.

“With the new Mila App, we had two goals: we wanted to build a simple order management tool for our service providers while at the same time providing our customers with the best service experience possible,” says Laurène Racine, UX Designer at Mila.

Check a Service with Status Updates

In most tech support situations, a customer does not usually know exactly when a service technician will arrive, instead receiving a wide “service window” during which to expect the service technician. With the new Mila App, customers are now able to follow every step in the service process: from finding their preferred Mila Friend or Pro all the way through to the payment process. In the app, the customer can check exactly when the service provider sets off and what time they start working. The chat or call function allows the customer to contact the Friend or Pro directly from the App if they need to clarify possible questions in advance.

“With Mila, we want to reinvent service. That means that the service has to adapt to the customer—and not the other way around,” explains Chris Viatte, CEO of Mila.

Simple Order Management for Friends & Professionals

The new app also brings big changes for service providers. Apart from simplifying the process of accepting service requests, Friends and Pros can now easily record details about their jobs and add service packages, get the customer’s confirmation via in-app signature, and even request payment with a single click, automatically sending an invoice to the customer.

“The idea to integrate a bot in the new Mila App is forward-looking! And the fact that customers can order a service immediately is something that will become increasingly important in the future “, Mila Friend Oli (48) from Meilen.

Development via crowdsourcing

In addition to our Mila Friends and Pros, we also prioritized the involvement of customers in the new app’s development. In several product tests, feedback from our customers, Friends and Pros was recorded and implemented.

“Only by integrating customer opinion were we able to build an app that satisfies the demands of both providers and customers,” explained Racine.

Download the new Mila App now!

Download iOS App Download Android App The new Mila App in action

12 thoughts on “Mila launches App with integrated Service Bot and On-Demand Feature”

  1. Hallo, ich habe ein Problem mit der neuen Mila App. Diese habe ich heute installiert (Android), aber nach dem start bleibt der Bildschirm der App weis. Auch eine Neuinstallation und das Neustarten des Smartphones haben nichts gebracht.

  2. Hallo, die neue App funktioniert perfekt – super, vielen Dank dafür! So kann ich optimal meine Kunden disponieren und verwalten.
    Eine Frage noch, ich war ein bisschen vorschnell und ich habe den Button “auf den Weg gemacht” gedrückt – kann ich diesen oder auch die folgenden Schritte wieder rückgängig machen?

    1. Hallo Roman, leider gibt es diese Funktion noch nicht. Du kannst aber den Kunden per Chat informieren, wenn du tatsächlich auf dem Weg bist. Grüße, Anastasia

      1. Sicher NEIN.
        Ich HABE mir die neueste Version aus dem Appstore gezogen.


        -> Unsere neue Mila App ist da. Jetzt kostenlos herunterladen!

        Tja, da hat wohl irgendwer geschlampt. 😛

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