The Best Way to Provide Service to a Difficult Customer

No matter the industry, every business encounters difficult customers. Maybe they are upset because they’ve been let down by product performance, long wait times, or a customer just has a cranky personality in general. Service crowd members and anyone else who provides service should know how to handle this type of customer and still get the job done well. It may not be the easiest service job, but satisfying a difficult customer can be particularly rewarding once the job is completed successfully.

Read on for a few ways to provide service to a difficult customer:  

Listen Carefully

Though someone providing service may want to hurry up and start working on fixing the problem 615-544-6650 , the most important first step in providing service to a difficult customer is to listen carefully. Hear exactly what the customer needs, what they’re upset about, which problem they’re having, and what they think caused the problem. Instead of immediately jumping to potentially incorrect conclusions about what service they need, the service worker should try to understand the customer’s side of things.

Service crowd members should not try to interrupt with a defensive statement or come across as a dismissive know-it-all who ignores what the customer said. Listening carefully shows your customer that you respect them and that they and their problem have your full attention. This alone can help a difficult customer by diffusing some of their anger.   

Empathize and Apologize Sincerely

Though the issue with the customer’s product is not the service person’s fault, crowd service members often find themselves on the receiving end of a customer’s frustration and anger. However, part of providing great service requires showing empathy. This is why empathizing with the customer–showing that you understand and feel bad for them and the issue they’re having– is important. Along with empathizing, it’s also crucial to apologize and mean it. Something as simple as saying, “I’m very sorry about what’s happened to your device,” could make a difficult customer easier to help. To the customer, it’s almost as important that the person providing service can empathize with them, as it is that the service person fixes the problem. The customer should feel comforted and supported knowing that the service team is on their side.   

Provide an Individualized Solution

The next step in providing service to a difficult customer is to give him or her a solution that is tailored to their problem. No customer should feel like the service worker is just going through the motions, especially the difficult customer. For service crowd members such as Mila Friends, this means using your knowledge about the failing item, explaining what may be causing the problem, and how you can go about fixing it. Reassuring the customer is a key component in the support process; actually fixing the problem is a small part of the process when dealing with an upset or demanding customer. The goal of providing support to a difficult customer is to win them over so they’re anger and frustration is appeased, and they can leave the service encounter knowing that your business has caring, attentive service team members who deliver valuable customer experiences.

Take Action and Work Fast

So you’ve listened, apologized, empathized, and proposed a solution to the customer. Now it’s time to take action and complete the fix. Providing the best service means providing fast service. Once the difficult customer has hopefully calmed down, they’re still going to want to see a fast solution. At Mila, we have local service crowd members who are ready at a moment’s notice to go to customer’s homes and provide personalized service. Our Friends are skilled and equipped to handle not only different types of customers, but different types of tech problems as well. And luckily, if a customer really enjoys working with a certain Friend, or a Friend proved to be an expert at handling a difficult customer, the customer could request or be assigned that Friend again if the problem reoccurs. Fast, personal service goes above and beyond expectations, and even the most disgruntled customer can’t be too upset by that.

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