Why Having a Diverse Service Crowd is Important

It’s no secret that tech can be an overwhelmingly male and homogenous work environment. In a survey done by Forbes of nine top tech companies, minorities made up only a small portion of the employees. And each company’s workforce was made up of less than half of female employees (generally, women were one-third of the tech workforce). Diversity has been a hot topic in many different fields including the media and higher education. But while tech has talked a lot about diversity, many tech companies have not made any significant steps to improve the hiring and retention of women and minorities in their companies. However, the companies that did, saw more progress in pushing toward a more ethnically diverse workforce than hiring more female workers. So for tech-related service business, why is having a diverse service crowd important?

The Value of a Diverse Service Crowd to Customers

Having a diverse service crowd can add new value for customers and service-based businesses. For example, companies that have decided to outsource their IT department often use customer support workers from different countries to deliver service to customers. Because many companies work with customers in different regions, having a cultural fit between the service workers and customers means that there can be a more successful customer relationship. A cultural fit means having service providers who “match” customers by ethnicity, race, or handicap. So for a service crowd that’s spread out over different parts of a city or country populated with different kinds of people, diverse service providers perform better than ones that are not diverse.

More Talent Options

Because diverse employees may not be in their normal talent pool or regular network, many companies are missing out on great talent. When a company has minority or female workers as part of their service crowd already, the chances are those existing workers will know other women or minorities who could also join the crowd. This leads you to a bigger talent pool from which to recruit. And even if the existing minority crowd members don’t know other diverse skilled workers, their presence in your service crowd may attract more people like them who have the skills and could be a good fit. By leveling the playing field and opening up your talent network, companies can ensure their service crowd has the best of the best, and not just the best crowd members who’ve heard of the company.

Diverse Service Crowds are Smarter and More Creative

Imagine there’s a delivery company that needs to find a faster way to deliver food to customers in a place with heavy traffic. Everyone on the team who’s in the strategic meeting comes from the suburbs where cars are the only way to get around. But what if there were a few other members of the team who come from big cities where cycling and public transportation were common? Having delivery drivers deliver the service on bike or public transportation, could be just the answer the company needed, but might not have thought of as quickly if there hadn’t been a diverse group service team members. 

When it comes to sharing ideas or strategies on how to solve problems, service crowds made up of members from diverse backgrounds are stronger. Because diverse groups look at the world and problems from a different perspective, they will view a problem differently than a crowd filled with the same kind of people, and thus find greats ways to solve the problem faster.  

Diverse Companies Can Provide Better Service

A service crowd where let’s say 90% of the crowd focuses on fixing iOS smartphones, while only 10% of the crowd is skilled in Android, smart home devices, WLAN, and other tech issues would be pretty unbalanced. Having a crowd with diverse backgrounds and genders, should be as important as having a service crowd with different skillsets. 

For example, what if a young woman feels uncomfortable having a male service Friend come into her home where she lives alone. Wouldn’t it be great if she could choose a female service Friend because the Mila Service Crowd is diverse and inclusive? Mila uses a smart algorithm to match customers with service Friends. So if a customer makes a second service request, it’s highly likely that the Friend who was assigned the first time will be sent to the customer again.  

Whether it’s related to religion, gender, or ethnicity, sometimes there can be barriers that prevent a company from providing the type of service person that a customer prefers. Having a diverse service crowd raises the chances that your business will appeal to many different groups of people, and thus make it more financially successful.

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