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8 Companies That Create Innovative Customer Experiences

Nowadays, having innovative customer service is a high priority for many businesses. Software company Adobe conducted a research survey and found that 89% of companies say customer experience is the way they plan to compete with other businesses. What is innovative customer experience? An Adobe executive gave an example of clicking on a landscaper’s display ad that led her to put in her information and get a quote estimate for gardening service. They gave her the quote without having to send someone out for a visit. How did they do that? By using Google Earth’s satellite view to review her property and estimate how much land needed to be maintained. This created a unique customer experience since she had her quote from this company without having to schedule an on-site visit, like she’d have to from a competitor.

It’s special customer experiences that make the best businesses rise to the top. And everyone in the company from leaders to the customer support staff should be on-board and share in the desire to deliver the best customer experience. Here are some companies that are doing just that:

#1 – Warby Parker

The customer experience of buying prescription eyeglasses has been revolutionized by Warby Parker. Customers don’t have to visit a store to try on glasses. Warby Parker lets customers pick out up to five pairs of frames that are then shipped to the customer’s home for them to try, and then return the ones they don’t like, all for no additional cost to the customer. And on the customer service side of things, Warby Parker service representatives have been known to respond directly to customers through personalized customer-response videos.

#2 – FedEx

Since everyone in an organization must be on board to provide a great customer experience through every portion of the customer journey, FedEx created a customer experience toolkit for project owners and managers. These employees were then trained on how to use these CX  tools and embed them into every service, product, and even each interaction with customers so that strong customer relationships could be built with the brand.  

#3 – CVS

What started out originally as a pharmacy drugstore where you could drop off and pick up prescriptions as well as party snacks has rebranded into a customer experience powerhouse. CVS Health, as the chain is now called, offers in-store health clinics, flu shots, infection diagnosis, in addition to being a place where people can pick up prescriptions. Furthermore, the brand is using technology to defy customer expectations, by developing its own Digital Innovation Lab to create smart devices and offering a mobile app where customers can scan prescriptions to have them filled remotely and set medication reminders.

#4 – Amazon

Amazon is a leading online retailer for a big reason: customer experience. With inventions like Amazon Dash–push a wireless button in your home and automatically order that product– to Amazon Alexa–a Siri-like home personal assistant, the company is constantly inventing new products that make its customers’ lives easier. These product innovations are on top of the other products for sale on site that give customers options such as automatic refunds and same-day delivery. Amazon creates an innovative customer experience by inventing Amazon-branded products and providing great customer service options for the various other products for sale on their platform.

#5 – GE

As far as enterprises go, GE is leading the way in innovative customer experiences. To do this, GE uses Big Data and has created the Brilliant Factory and Digital Power Plant that help factories and plants run more efficiently and save money. GE is now letting customers access these efficiency tools to get the most out of their machines. Additionally, GE is strengthening its security to protect energy customers turbines from cyberattacks. Being a customer of GE means having peace of mind that the company has your best interests and the customer experience in mind always.  

#6 Riot Games

Riot Games isn’t just another video game company churning out game after game. The company provides great customer experiences by focusing on making the player’s experience better. They do this by collecting non-personal and anonymous data on game performance, system configuration, game configuration, and game events to be able to detect problems that players experience. Their manifesto says,We know players form the foundation of our community and it’s for them that we continue to evolve and improve the League of Legends experience.” By not focusing on simply creating more video game products for gaming customers to buy, Riot has achieved customer loyalty, with gamers who keep playing League of Legends way after they would have burnt out on other companies’ games.

#7 – Starbucks

Over the past several months, Starbucks has created an initiative to redesign its customer experience. They’ve launched a new concept store in London that makes ordering coffee easier, since it’s done by tablets situated on the store tables. They’ve created an online portal called My Starbucks Idea where customers can connect with the brand and give them suggestions and ideas on how to improve the customer experience; Starbucks has already launched the Loyalty card, an idea from this portal. In the U.S., they’ve even tried out a coffee delivery service by partnering with on-demand delivery startup Postmates. Other things like introducing new products such as lid stoppers that help prevent coffee spills to finding a newer, better brand of coffee for their signature drinks makes Starbucks a leader in innovative customer experiences.

#8 – Swisscom

Swisscom has partnered with Mila to offer their customers crowdsourced tech support, and enhance the customer experience. Telecommunications is often rated as having one of the worst customer experiences. However, by implementing Swisscom Friends–tech-savyy Swisscom customers who help other customers with troubleshooting, installations, etc.– Swisscom now stands out amongst other companies who don’t have the option to refer their customers to personalized service.

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