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How Mila Finds the Perfect Customer Service Match

We all have our own tastes for everything from what we like to eat for breakfast to our preferred seat on an airplane. Chances are that when you want something whether it’s food, a product, or service you’d prefer to find it locally rather than needing to go far to get it or waiting a long time for it to be delivered.

Customer service is no different. Customers want a certain type of service from a representative who’s nearby and can come quickly, which is where the on-demand service model comes in. This customer service agent should not only match the customer’s desired personality type, but also have the skills necessary to get the job done.

This is why many service companies, like Mila, work to build systems that match customers to service agents who fit the bill. Our company builds service crowds made up of Mila Friends and Mila Pros that answer customer requests for technical installations or troubleshooting help. However, it makes no sense for a Mila Friend who is an iPhone expert to show up, when the customer needs service on an Android smartphone.

It’s crucial that service businesses make sure that both sides of the customer service equation are balanced, meaning that as customer demand grows so should the business’ supply of service providers. In this way, customer demand can be met fast, in real-time.

This is how Mila does it:

Using Data for Personalized On-Demand Service

Data is the key to providing customers with a perfect on-demand service match. At Mila, we use data and AI to determine when a customer will need a particular service and where they will need it. We also collect data on how often a customer uses our service, which type(s) of service they request, and what the typical time of day is for their requests.

We compile all of this data to find just the right Mila Friend or Pro to help this customer. A survey we conducted found that 70% of our customers are loyal to the Friend who provided them with service before.

Of course, it’s also important to keep in mind real-time data that lets us know that the customer and available Friends are located in the same neighborhood. We also need to know which Friends have the skills required to fix the customer’s individual problem.

Making the Perfect Customer Service Match

With Mila, thanks to our method for crowdsourcing customer service, it’s easy for us to match you to a customer service provider.

Choose From Different Service Levels

In addition to making sure the person who is delivering you service is both local and skilled in the specific expertise area you need, you can also choose what level of service you’d like to receive. For example, through our partnership with retailer BRACK.CH, customers can choose between Mila Friends and Mila Pros for help with their product purchases. Mila Friends are local, crowd customer service members who have more flexible schedules, and their service costs are generally cheaper since they arrive and help with items the customer already has on-site. Whereas Mila Pros are professionals who are more expensive, but will test the product, deliver it, and set it up all at once.

Partner Integrations

Companies can integrate Friends, partners, and field service, which means Swisscom can ensure the best level of resource utilization. To do this, Swisscom considers the kind of problem the customer has, the timing of when the customer needs the problem-solved, and whether the service depends on a product being delivered before. From there, it can be decided which service provider is best at solving that particular issue. For example, if a customer has a complicated WLAN network problem, a field service tech will be best. And if the field service technician’s schedule is too busy, the telecom provider can also send out one of their partners, which are generally external companies who can also be signed up as Mila Pros. However, if the customer just needs a wireless router set up at home, a Mila Friend can help since that’s easy enough to do. These matching decisions are based on which type of service partner has the best capability to deliver service quickly.

The Future of On-Demand Customer Service

Many companies in industries across the board are ramping up on-demand service options. Given that people are now used to getting everything from car rides to groceries immediately on-demand, retailers like Amazon are offering on-demand customer service that delivers packages with not just that same-day, but as soon as possible.

In the future, we anticipate that customers will expect service to come within 1-2 hours. We are working to build an app that will deliver service as quickly as Uber delivers cars to its customers. Thanks to the service ecosystem we have built with our service crowd, faster than ever on-demand service will be possible. Our matching algorithm matches not only crowd service members skills and time availability, but also factors in delivery deadlines or customer preferred appointment time windows. We also believe that in the future service will be predictive, so we’ll already be locating the perfect service match that has the skills and know-how for the problem that must be handled, before the customer even knows the service needs to be delivered. Intelligent matching is the future. And that future is almost here.

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