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How to Create a Customized Experience For Each Customer

If you thought that one-size-fits-all service would suit modern-day customers needs, you would be mistaken. If there’s one thing all businesses want, it’s to stand out from their competitors so customers seek out their services or offerings first. Aside from providing stellar service that goes above and beyond, one of the best ways to differentiate your business from the competitors is to make sure that the experiences your company provides are customized for each customer in real-time.

Consider Real-Time Customer Behavior, Interests, and Preferences

When creating a customized experience, it’s wise to think of your customers as friends. Let’s say, for example, you know your friend, Mark, is a vegan. So you would not invite him over and serve him a dinner of a bacon cheeseburger with chili cheese fries. You’d find a good vegan recipe and ensure that each item you offer him suits his dietary restrictions. You know he’ll be happy, appreciative, and come back for more dinner parties in the future.

Because customer data can now be accessed and analyzed, your business has no excuse not to learn what your customer likes, dislikes, and has an interest then and then use that information to personalize their customer experience. All of the data available online now has made it possible to tailor experiences to the customer. And it’s important to communicate this knowledge and understanding during your interactions with the customer.

Create Omnichannel Information

Moving beyond multichannel service and closer to omnichannel service should be the goal of customer service. It’s important for every department that plays a role in the customer journey to have information about the customer that will help them provide great, personalized service and a customized experience no matter what channel the customer is on.

However, a recent study showed that only 34% of companies are good at linking their online and offline customer experiences. Teamwork and transparency are critical for companies that want to provide customized experiences, since each department needs to work together and keep the customer’s specific needs in mind.

Create Tailored Offerings for a Customized Experience

If a customer came into your store looking for a smartphone, you wouldn’t pull out a stack of wifi routers to show them, would you? If you create tailored offerings for your customers, such as including a service package with their tech product purchase, like BRACK.CH for example, you’ll have happier customers who will turn to you as a one-stop shop for all of their needs. Buying a new entertainment system and then having BRACK.CH send a Mila Pro or Mila Friend to the customer’s home to not only install it, but also show them how to use it is a specific service offering that meets a customer’s needs, and also perhaps, exceeds their expectations.

Tailored service also builds customer loyalty and trust, since your business will be the one they prefer to spend their money on. In fact, a study by Gartner revealed that companies that create customized experiences for their customers will perform 15% better than their competitors who do not offer personalized services, by 2015.

Make Customer Data Transparent Within the Company

Knowing a customer’s likes and understanding what they want is the difference between personalized service and generic service. This is why many online companies use targeted Facebook ads that ensure their products or services get in front of the eyes of people who have searched for a similar product or service in their area.

Businesses that ensure that customer data is transparent and available to be accessed in every step of the customer journey, enable their customer service experience to be transformed into one that is engaging and individualized from that initial contact. In this way, customer data helps them offer an experience that is unique to each customer.

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