Why Service Automation in Products is a Good Thing

Independent, traditional service organizations will not exist in the future as products become packaged with service. Since service will be embedded in the product and therefore automated, so there’ll be no need for traditional service to come out and do anything.

Companies like Brack.ch are already investing in service automation by partnering with Mila to include service packages with the products people buy on their site. While car companies have often included warranty service packages with their products, other companies are joining the service automation trend. With the purchase of Amazon’s Kindle Fire, customers have access to a Mayday button that automatically connects them to an onscreen tech advisor who can guide them through how to do something or do it for them, whichever the customer prefers.

Here are three reasons why product service automation is great for customers:

More Convenient Service

If you had a choice between buying a washing machine from a store that would require you to pick it up yourself, carry it upstairs to your home, and install it yourself (or find another person to do each of these things) or a store that says that delivery and installation of your product are included in the price, which store would you choose to make your washing machine purchase?

Chances are you’ll buy from the second store because having these services already built into the purchase of a product is more convenient. You’re not tasked with the logistical burden of how to get the machinery home or stuck searching for service technicians that can complete the installation for you. It’s clear given the popularity of the on-demand economy, customers today value convenience.

Faster Implementation and Usage

Whether it’s a toy or a TV, everyone wants to be able to use the products they buy as soon as they’re delivered. Service automation will make this process smoother for everyone. If service is included with the product, people can rest assured that everything will be up and running quickly. Swisscom, a swiss telecommunications company, offers their customers services along with items purchased. Making service an option at the time of purchase and then letting a service crowd head out to complete on-demand services in customer’s homes is one way to make sure products are up and running quickly.

One Less Step

There’s a saying that one-size fits all in clothing, so what if one type of service could help everyone? With automated service embedded into products, customers will have fewer hesitations when deciding on a purchase since they won’t be buying things with the worry of having to find someone else to install it. What if you purchased an in-home speaker system and the store offered you three different techs who could help you set it up, and you didn’t have to go out scouring Yelp or asking friends for a recommendation?

Having the option of service automation gives customers one less “to-do” on their list and makes the buying process less complicated and stressful for technical equipment. That’s why Brack.ch’s plan of letting customers book Mila Friends and Pros to help set up products that have been purchased on the site is such a great idea for customers since it makes their lives easier.

Predict Service Calls

Products fitted with IoT sensors send service information directly to the manufacturer or service desk  when the smart machine isn’t performing well. Aside from informing the service team that something is going wrong, IoT-connected devices can also remotely place a service call, so that the product-owner doesn’t even need to pick up the phone or tweet for help.

Another, type of service automation is AI that creates algorithms that help crowdsourced service companies anticipate when service will be needed in a particular area. That way the company knows when it will need members of the ground available and ready to attend service calls.

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