Swisscom wins the Crowd Collaboration Award for crowd customer service

People are using technologies to share their resources, such as automobiles, houses, tools, or even their own labor, with other people. Crowd Companies, an organization under the management of Jeremiah Owyang, has set itself the objective of showing companies how they can use this trend to develop new business models.

The company recently published the “The New Rules of the Collaborative Economy” report in cooperation with Vision Critical. The report anticipates that, despite the regulation of companies such as Uber and Airbnb, the collaborative economy will continue to grow by an average of 25%. In the USA alone, 110 million people are already part of this movement.

“One year since the first report, it has become clear that this new form of consumption not only persists, but it is also changing customers’ expectations of companies,” Jeremiah Owyang tells VentureBeat.

Crowd Companies documents all significant collaborations between established large companies and start-ups from the collaborative economy. In this context, the council organizes regular events concerning a wide range of topics relating to the collaborative economy.

For its Swisscom Friends project – a type of crowd customer service – Swisscom recently received the Crowd Collaboration Award conferred by the organization. Thus, Swisscom has established itself as a pioneer in the collaborative economy alongside established companies such as BMW and Intuit. Within just under two years, the telecommunications provider has managed to build up a crowd of 1,400 motivated, tech-savvy customers, who support other customers in their vicinity with issues regarding the Internet, computers, TVs, multimedia and smartphones.

“Swisscom’s crowd-based customer service shows that companies can develop completely new business models in the collaborative economy,” explains Manuel Grenacher, CEO and founder of Mila. To be able to act more agilely and quickly, companies must cooperate with start-ups in this field. The start-up Mila has supported Swisscom with the technical implementation of the crowd customer service and made its online marketplace available for registering and booking Friends.

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