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How Telecom Providers Can Improve Customer Service Using the Power of Their Customers

When it comes to customer service, telecom companies are frequently ranked as one of the worst providers. A recent UK customer satisfaction survey found that telecoms’ customer service quality has been declining in the past 18 months. If telecom companies don’t do something quickly to remedy their customer service problems, it could threaten their place in the market.

Customers today prioritize customer service over product offerings, which is why telecom companies must adjust the type of service they offer to suit customers’ needs, remain competitive in the market, and stay out of the red.

Here are some ways telecoms can improve customer service by implementing innovations like crowd customer service, i.e. tech-savvy customers helping other customers:

Transparent Customer Service Agents

One of the main complaints customers had was with customer service agents’ competency and attitudes. This made up 41% of customer service problems according to the UK Customer Satisfaction Index report. With certain types of crowd customer service, customers can see crowd members’ specialties, competency levels, and attitudes, then choose the best representative for themselves using this information. And with the ability to both view and provide ratings, customers can see how well a member of the crowd fixed similar previous jobs and see how their interaction went with other customers.

Promise Fulfillment

The other main complaint customers had with telecoms was a lack of promise fulfillment. Crowdsourced service marketplaces usually have a rating system, which allows customers to rate the person that provided help in their home. This means that not only can customers see whether or not the rep has completed a similar job in the past, but they can see how well the service was fulfilled. It’s a great way to improve customer service. Also, because ratings are publicly viewable, this gives customer service representatives even more of an incentive to complete the job well to keep their ratings high.

Customers are Willing to Pay for Better Service

Given that the above mentioned report revealed that customers are willing to pay a premium price for better service 615-544-2684 , crowdsourced service marketplaces allow community members to set their own rates based on their experience and qualifications, which gives customers the option to pay as much or as little they want depending on the crowd member they’d like to book. In this way, telcos that use crowd customer service can offer their customers an additional support channel that is flexible and convenient.

Give Customers Specialized Attention

When using the crowd to offer additional support, customers can get in touch with savvy people in their neighborhood who will be able to help them. That way, telcos are free to focus on bigger issues that are escalated to them, while letting the community solve smaller problems.

Ease of Scheduling and Efficient Service

With on-demand customer service, customers can easily schedule service appointments directly with the “techie next door,” rather than having to schedule an appointment through a call center. On top of that, customers are able to schedule with the crowd member for a time and place that is most convenient for them. The service appointment does not have to be during regular business hours. Busy customers especially will appreciate the fact that crowd service is much more flexible and efficient in regards to scheduling.


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