The Best Twitter Customer Service Opportunities  

There’s something millions of people around the world, have discovered on Twitter. Making complaints or highlighting problems on the social media channel often leads to faster, and more satisfying resolutions of customer service issues. Twitter users’ special way of public shaming companies into immediate action was great for all of the people who found out that the channel was the best way to results.

While Twitter still needs to find a way to grow its users to include members of the general public, and not just early adopters (who could easily stop using the network for customer service if something else comes along), it’s still one of the best ways for businesses to communicate with their customers.


A Primary Customer Service Channel

Just a few years ago, Twitter was poised to be THE way to interact with businesses socially online. However, Twitter didn’t immediately take advantage of this unique position by building out customer service tools for businesses and customers. Now, as competition from other social networks increases, Twitter is looking to change that. Chris Moody, Twitter’s vice president of data insights, said to Wired, “We believe there is an opportunity for Twitter to become many brands’ primary channel for customer service,” he says. “It’s less expensive for businesses, and it has a greater impact.”

Social Marketing Customer Service

Twitter can be seen as a noisy platform with millions of people tweeting every second, and no great way for businesses to sift through all those tweets. But now, through the social marketing companies Sprout Social and Oracle, Twitter will offer businesses tools to leverage their platform. These tools will include the ability to access tweets dating all the way back to the beginning of Twitter and analytics tools that will help businesses determine the best way to respond to the most important tweets.

Timely and Customized Response Times

With their new partnerships in place, Twitter will be able to let businesses see realtime information on highly engaging tweets. Using this information, the business will be able to decide which customer’s tweets to respond to first, given the tweet’s level of interaction on the network. When one customer’s problem is more severe, difficult, or simply more viral and noteworthy than another, it means answering that tweet first and not necessarily answering tweets in the order in which they were received.

Customer Service Playbook

To go along with this customer service-oriented revamp, Twitter is creating a playbook to help businesses understand the significance of using the channel for customer service. It will also include tips on customer service best practices on Twitter, such as personalizing a tweet by having the agent write their initials at the end.

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