Renewable Energy Provider IWB Launches Neighborhood Crowdsourcing Platform with Mila to Help Customers Decipher Energy Efficiency

Swiss Power Supplier Taps Mila, the Sharing Economy Marketplace, to Provide Crowdsourcing Customer Happiness Platform to Increase Eco Efficiency and Reduce Energy Bills

Zurich, Switzerland, December 01, 2014 — Mila, the local services marketplace, ( is announcing today that Switzerland’s renewable energy provider IWB is using its platform to launch, “IWB Friends,” a peer-to-peer marketplace where customers will be able to browse, find and book energy experts on demand to advise and implement the latest innovations in energy efficiency.

As energy efficiency technology and devices evolve, customers can often find it challenging to maintain an eco-friendly home. IWB has found that home visits can be very effective in raising customer awareness and helping them understand what products and actions they can take to reduce their power consumption.

On Mila’s IWB Friends site, (, customers can browse, find, and book “IWB Friends”, local experts in energy efficiency, on demand. The IWB Friends make home visits at a convenient time and can answer questions and offer advice on:

  • How can I lower my electricity consumption in the household?
  • How do I save on heating energy and costs?
  • Which efficient bulbs are available and how do I install them?

What new energy-saving products are on the market, and how do I install them in my home? Marcel Sutter, Project Manager at IWB, says, “People are willing to save energy. But often, they do not understand how proper heating or more efficient bulbs can help reduce energy consumption and the cost of energy. IWB Friends helps us to improve awareness of the issue of energy efficiency and offer advice and service at the customer’s home.”

Manuel Grenacher, founder and CEO of Mila, said: “With IWB, we have won our first partner in the energy industry. We believe the power of the crowd can be used by corporations to increase customer happiness by giving them a personable, flexible, informative service right in their homes to help them make the most of a company’s products and innovations. In the case of IWB, crowdsourcing is being used to show customers exactly where in their home they can increase their energy efficiency to reduce their power bills and help the environment.”

Since 2013, Mila has helped corporations increase their customer happiness through crowdsourced service platforms. In addition to the new deal with IWB, Mila has partnerships with Swisscom ( and Vodafone Germany ( to provide customers with peer-to-peer customer service, or the “geek next door” to help them solve tech issues.

How IWB Friends Works: An IWB customer can:

  • Go to IWB Friends at to browse, find and book friendly, local IWB Friends, who are knowledgeable about energy efficiency;
  • Communicate with the IWB Friends directly through the portal in order to arrange the details of the transaction;
  • Safely and conveniently pay on Mila using Paypal, a credit card or cash


IWB ( is Swiss provider of energy, water and telecoms. Based in Basel, Switzerland, it is a leading provider of renewable energy dedicated to ensuring their customers a comprehensive energy supply that is affordable and reliable.

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